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2019 Wedding

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kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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edited 28 July 2019 at 4:24PM in Weddings & Anniversaries
I was looking for a post for any 2019 weddings but couldn't find one!

We've been together since May 2009 and engaged since January 2010. H2B got a nice bonus at Christmas so now is able to pay for his divorce and have a nice amount to go towards the wedding. I'm saving my half.

I think we are aiming for a budget of £3000 but going to save around £4000. We're hoping to have all the money saved by December.

We've been looking at venue's and other things we're being realistic and not booking anything until the divorce comes through, but hoping we'll know exactly what we want so that we can get on and book things when it does.

Hoping to catch up with any other 2019 brides/grooms :)


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  • xironsongxxironsongx Forumite
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    Hey . We're looking to get married in 2019 around September time.

    We have a budget of £4,000 but I do want to try and save £5,600 for it so we have wiggle room.

    We sorta got everything sorted but we just need to find a venue and all the big bits. My H2B wants to waot until we saved all the money before we pay out... which I sorta disagree with but I completely understand why.

    We have £900.80 saved in our bank account and £39 in our piggy bank.

    Today I'm contacting venues and photographers .

    How's things going with you
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  • pinkflumppinkflump Forumite
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    Hey ladies, another 2019 bride here! Our date is set for 30 November 2019 and our venue is booked. I've just had a lovely big PPI reclaim come through so that's paid off around a third of the wedding already. H2B is working all the overtime under the sun and I'm ramping things up with my home business to pay for the rest :)

    We have an all inclusive package at our venue so our to-buy list looks like this:

    Dresses (bride and bridesmaids)
    Suits (Groom, Best Man, FOTB)

    Hair/Makeup is being done by friends/family so don't need to worry about that.

    Our budget is around £15,000
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  • elleJay42elleJay42 Forumite
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    Hello! I'm another 2019 bride, we're getting married 25th May next year.

    We've been together since May 2008 so I've had plenty of time to plan the day in my head!

    Our budget is also about £15,000 but doing everything within my power to get that down!

    We have 100 during the day and 130 at night so that's what's ramping up the costs at the moment... both our sets of parents are divorced and remarried and all our brothers and sisters have spawned so there's no getting the numbers down unfortunately but we've got it all budgeted and there'll be no debt at the end of it (and I should be debt free in May this year too thanks to MSE!)

    Looking forward to hearing how everyone is getting on with planning!
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  • xironsongxxironsongx Forumite
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    It's tricky for us. We want a budget of £5,000 but we're now not planning anything until we have a substantial amount saved up. So I've gotta stop wedding planning and contacting venues until we have that money.

    He wants to pay everything off all at once rather in instalments so our wedding could be next year or later
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    lola25lola25 Forumite
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    Good evening fellow 2019 Brides!

    We have been together for nearly 11 years, and got engaged in December.

    We have booked our venue, which is a beautiful converted mill in the New Forest. They are very flexible with regards to DIY etc, but you have to choose from one of their lists of approved caterers (they are all different prices). I am really trying to achieve a £10,000 budget, but am finding the cost of food is bumping that up. We are only having around 45 guests to the day, but we are still looking at over £2,000 for a 3 course sit down meal :eek:, so realistically, the budget is more like £12,000.

    I am going to try and DIY a lot of the decor, they also have no corkage so we can supply the daytime alcohol cheaply :beer:

    It would be good to share any other tips/ideas with other 2019 brides as to how we can all achieve our desired budget!

    p.s. I have started using the BrideBook app, its fab for a budget breakdown!
    You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You are on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the woman who will decide where to go :smiley:
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  • kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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    Wow! Hi :)

    I checked back a couple of times and thought I was going to be a Billy no mates!

    There's been a slight movement on the divorce front, the paperwork has been officially stamped and H2B has paid for it, both parties have received a copy and as far as I'm aware it has been signed and sent back off again, I don't want to keep asking about it!

    We went to visit a venue on Sunday, and think it will be the one. There is a possibility that we could have our ceremony there as well as the reception but it adds about £500 on top, so maybe the registry office, I'd prefer the venue as it takes the hassle out of trying to get across a busy city centre to a small town afterwards.

    We aren't going to set the date until the divorce is sorted, but hoping a Friday in August. We are currently down to 3 dates as the friend doing our photography gets married one of the Saturdays and doesn't want to be doing ours the day before which is fair enough and the venue already has a booking on another one.

    This week we've mostly been talking about rings, outfits and table decorations!

    Catch you all again soon :)
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    Saving for Christmas 2019 ~ £365/£365

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  • KDCKDC Forumite
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    Hi. I'm another 2019 bride. Wedding 6th April 2019, venue booked, deposit paid, dress bought. It's my 2nd and H2B 3rd and we're closer to 60yrs old than 30 - but still madly in love after nearly 11yrs.

    We're keeping it as cheap as possible and I'd like to make our own invitations i.e printed on card via computer as invitations are so expensive!!

    I don't get on the computer every day, but I'll keep looking back here and see how everybody is getting on.
  • i ant to do a lot of thing DIY,
    i'd like to do my on invite but I've also found a free app that allow you to create your on wedding day app for everyone, mines here so we will have that and also a facebook group.

    i would like to do our own confetti,
    i found lots of shaped hole punchers for £1 on ebay & was going to use those with tissue paper. Confetti cones are so expensive.

    We may not be getting married next year as i'm not sure if we'd be able to save up that much that quick. but i'm still saving & pushing forward with saving for it.
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
  • kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Photogenic Xmas Saver!
    No further movement on the divorce front which means no confirmed date :(

    There seems to be a bit of money at the end of my month, which is very rare, so I'm going to put that into my wedding fund on Friday :)

    I've thought about confetti and decided I'm going to use rose petals, drying my own, first lot are from the roses my H2B bought me for valentine's day this year, I've got some from a reduced bunch from Mr T recently and the next lot are from the mother's day flowers that H2B's daughters got for me. I'll see what they are like in a few months, if they are crap no worries as no real cost but if they turn out ok that would be good :)

    H2B has an idea of what he would like to wear, so that helps me, well sort of, I was thinking tea length, but that's not 100%

    We're going to a wedding show this coming Sunday, hoping to get a bit of inspiration.

    Happy planning and saving, if it doesn't happen in 2019 it's not the end of the world x
    Saving for Christmas 2020 £318/£366
    Saving for Christmas 2019 ~ £365/£365

    Got married 24/05/19
    Car Fund £2400/£5000
    DFW Nerd #1155
    LBM 25/2/09 Debt at highest £8,037.35 now £0
  • I'm so sorry to hear that.
    Congrats on saving extra!

    That's a clever idea! May as well try it.
    Tell me how it goes.

    I've stopped planning the wedding. I've been window shopping but not in a way to plan.

    I've shuffled my savings around as there's lots of things for me to save for and needed to borrow extra cash this month... March is super busy for me but because I was ill I was £300 down. Other wise I would have been fine.

    So my total is now £500 for the wedding.

    I got a good amount if money in each of my other savings now so I can focus more on the wedding & emergency fund.

    How did the wedding fare go?

    And yeah exactly ! I'm not fussed it'll take us a while to save £5,600
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
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