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NST March: Marching to a different beat



  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Thanks for March apple. Had a lovely day today but spent money. Found a ys sandwich and carrot sticks with houmous, bought beautiful roses at the market (did not want something bulky as I had two long bus rides). Took most of a 2l bottle of diet coke with me. Also bought a small rose plant for the visitor for doing the washing up.

    Anybus ticket was £5.60. I had the housewarming presents in the rucksack and food, flowers and a book to read in bags. The roses had to be carried separately but several people stopped to say how beautiful the flowers were. Best of all my new coat arrived before I went out - it has a hood, warm lining, little inside cuffs that stop any cold getting in and lovely deep pockets. I am utterly joyful at the usefulness of it all if that makes sense.

    Had to walk 3 blocks as the bus now runs as far as the city hospitals so carries straight on. DS1's beloved came to meet me as he was cooking lunch. I saw her first and could see she was getting anxious (due to all the extra walking and having to walk round whole blocks of buildings).

    The other bus came withing quarter of an hour, still not really much idea where I have been (Blackley/ bleakley - the folk that live there can't decide). Noticed a sign saying 'Booth Hall' when we got off and asked if the hospital was nearby - their estate is built on the site of the former hospital. We had to walk a long way round as the planned shortcuts are not finished and houses are still being built at that end of the site. Took more notice coming back and know we went past Moston and Harpurhey - will see if I can trace the route when I come across the A-Z but not bothered enough to hunt for it.

    House is lovely, presents were appreciated and food was glorious. Garden is on the mean side but they don't garden and it's big enough for a barbecue. DS1 works with someone Italian so can get my health conditions translated and a note about my hip replacement in case it sets all the alarms off.

    The baby debate is ongoing. During the tour, Beloved said that the spare room would eventually become the 'children's room' and DS1 said the puppy would enjoy that. The puppy will probably come first. Manchester Cats and Dogs home is just around the corner but he has been forbidden to even look until they are ready (after the wedding at least). However she is a Whovian so I can at least start on the baby afghan blanket embroidered with chibi Dr Who characters (and possibly the Stormagedden birth sampler). That might be a five year project.

    Today I am grateful for my lovely snuggly new coat, for a pleasant visit with no arguing (couple of topics marginally introduced - I told him how to build a Hobbit Hole and a bit about DS3's last released game), for getting there and back and am only tired, not in pain or stressed, for wonderful food and good company, for the visitor loving her rose plant (don't think anyone has bought her flowers before, she hugged it).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • FmessFmess Forumite
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    Thank you for running March Apple. I have completely fallen off the wagon and am off on holiday tomorrow but will make a good start to SFDs whilst away.
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all :j

    As expected fairly stiff & sore today but tbh not as bad as I expected, thanks Apple. Got outside & did a little bit more of the path but I was struggling a bit plus it was very wet. However, another go and it should be done, which is great. As it was so cold & wet I went into the greenhouse - remembered I had soaked some lupin seeds but not planted. Potted 45 there are still about another 18 to go. Blimey if they all come up we should have a fair few plants..

    · For the striders: yay 18/18 NSDs

    · Set your budgets before the challenge starts - am mindful of this & sure we are doing better. Mean to get to grips with this in April.

    Be generous ; will do

    · Note down Lots of receipts in file waiting to be sorted. Will do a final costing to see what the damage is, tomorrow before Aprils budget. Still on with this,

    · As ever, will do

    · Pay towards your debt first! Do not have debt now but have been there before so am very wary. Do have a CC paid off in full every month. PAD of £20.00 to cc

    · Plan. Will make list of places to go - need to have it in reserve for impromptu trips out. Still A WIP, but found another to add to the list. DH suggested another day out. list growing, another couple of ideas today. DH consulted - has ideas apparently..Want to make plans to go to Ireland, first need to sort out car but will get on with that tomorrow. Did something I've been meaning to do & checked when all cars tax/MOT is due. Have DDs schedule this month now so can plan & book to go away in April. Left with DH to book ferries etc

    Check in every day.

    Many thanks to Apple for running the thread this month - and everyone who contributes!
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  • LavenderBeeLavenderBee Forumite
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    A bit late, but I managed my 18th nsd yesterday, all budgets were under so I'm a happy bunny.

    Thank you Apple, need to catch up on April thread now!
  • Calling14Calling14 Forumite
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    Apologies being filling in my spreadsheet today. Thanks Apple:T for the challenge sorry disappeared at the end, just hard to post on my tablet at home.
    NSDs 13/18 oops
    Food 124/100 not bad seeing as my wine rack and cupboards look healthier now.
    Surveys £66 woo hoo (cash and vouchers)
    Spends on me - naughty waterproof £141 but glad of it this week
    Unexpected spend of £330 on my oven.
    Otherwise I mainly did okay and hey ho things can only improve this month:rotfl:
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Now £0 Finally Debt FreeMortgage free Oct 2019:)EFund/savings £25000 10/11/22
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