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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
OK - zipping up flame suit as should have known better..

I wanted to unlock an old phone to give to my son.

Looked online and saw their site.

Clicked through and it stated £12.99 and 2-3 days.


Then get an email stating 'we need photographic ID within 10 minutes'.

Luckily I have my passport scanned so sent it within their timeframe.

Get an email stating 'all OK and unlock will be sorted Saturday'.

Get an email today stating:
To release the unlock for your device which will be sent Over The Air using either 3G, WiFi or by connecting the iPhone to a computer running iTunes, please make the final unlocking payment, as stated prior to payment, of £62.00. Delivery to your iPhone takes 2-5 days, as soon as it has delivered we will email you.

Your iPhone is a very expensive device and is subsidised by the carrier over the length of your contract, Vodafone require this additional unlocking fee to cover their potential loss of revenue. Some research on the internet of other unlocking sites will show you that our price is one of the lowest in the industry, and our timescale is certainly the fastest.

So I emailed back with:

The fee you have asked for is simply sharp practise and I will not accept this.

The reason I used your company was because it stated £12.99 on the initial enquiry and it was 'allegedly' quicker than Vodafone. I have been on to the Vodafone UK website and they have stated that they can unlock the handset at no charge to me (process may take 7 days).

There is no such thing as ' already incurred non-refundable checking charges' either, we both know this and unless you can prove these charges you will either please:

1) Refund the £12.99 immediately
2) Process the unlock at £12.99

So next email is 'refund actioned'.

So to summarise - they state a low price, charge you for their 'anti fraud checks' (sending them your details). Then ask for more money to action the unlock.

I finally then went to the airtime companies website and they agreed to unlock FOC..

Completely my fault that I got suckered in..

'Just because its on the internet don't believe it 100%'. Abraham Lincoln.


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    I don't blame you for the rant. If you feel it warrants it, I would be reporting them to the ASA, it takes a few moments and all done online.
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    Don't worry I fell for this as well. They are now hiding behind their T's & C's. I'm sure that the final cost was never shown until I had paid the deposit. They sent me a screen shot of it with the extra cost on it, could have been added by them. I requested a refund they declined. Why would I pay £12.99 then another £55 to complete the process, when I have a shop near me offering to do this for £40 all in. They were able to reduce the cost to £45 without any questions. I have reported them to the ASA and Trading standards. Not sure what else I can do, wish I had done proper research first.
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    Googling the url brings up the following...

    ...amongst others.

    A bit late for the OP now, unfortunately.
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    If it was me, I would be more worried about a dodgy company who now has a copy of my passport as well as maybe having my credit/debit card details and my address.
  • I was had yesterday by these scumbags. Claimed "cheapest unlocks in UK", £12.99. Like everyone else, that payment just got me deeper in and there was 19.50 more to pay. It didn't end there: you could have a "fastrack" service for another tenner.
    After a quick Google search I see they're shoddy at best, criminal at worst. Because they had my card details and security code, I immediately got my card cancelled to stop them lifting any more money from it.
    Emailed them today saying it'd been 24 hours and no code, when they claimed 4 hours to get it. They claim it's being processed right now. I told them I'd cancelled my card so it's pointless asking me for any more payments and if I didn't get my code after the payments I've already made have cleared, I will open a dispute with the bank and report their site as fraudulent.
    Bloody twisters >:(
  • That's really useful information guys. I've done my bit for the cause and put it on trust pilot and reported to ASA too. I've been waiting from 11 July for my unlock despite paying second payment. How are these companies allowed to trade?
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    Samson81 wrote: »
    How are these companies allowed to trade?
    Because as it stands, who can stop them?
    Looking at the website, it's totally anonymous with no contact details of any sort and no clue as to where they are actually based.

    As long as people keep paying them, they will keep operating.
  • I really wish I had seen this before I’m normally so careful ordering things but was in a rush ... like the original poster I paid initial £12.99 for vodafone unlock they are now wanting £64.99 so I’ve emailed them back told them I want it cancelled and refunded - there is no where that states these exhorbitant extra charges like they claim so hopefully I will get refund... does anyone know if you have legally to pay the next charge I’m worried they will just take it or repeatedly hound me for additional payment also I’ve now requested it directly from vodafone free of charge
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    AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Can’t stress this enough! Really awful and dishonest service. Don’t ever use it! You will most likely be scammed!!!!8232;I used service AFTER I read the bad reviews, so i checked for the all-famous two paymants (pre-order and only then actual unlock) but still after i paid i received email that i ordered a preorder and will have to pay for actual unlock later. But still everything not in direct language and not clear. !!!8232;After some while i received that now i have to pay 29.99. Afer my colpaints they RAISED the price to 64.99 and won’t even reply! Plus when raising the new price they write that this has been the price all along from the biggining which is clear lie and can be proven with email.!!!8232;Bank can’t realy help me with refund atm as the comapny have made it so i can’t prove their fault. But i will try again about the change of price and fraudulent statements.!!!8232;Funny thing is - you have to give information yourself about your phones model, imei, network it is locked to,blacklist status and have to agree that it is correct and if wrong you get no refund. AND then it turns out you also pre-ordered(paid) the compay to find that information for you! After you gave it yourself and signed it’s correct!!!!8232;Of course they don’t reply about that! !!!8232;AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!
  • As previous people have said they are nothing but unscrupulous con artists who should most definitely be investigated by the ASA, don!!!8217;t use them jump through the hoops of the various networks.

    h ttps:// (Remove space)

    Avoid at all costs you have been warned
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