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MSE News: Waitrose to scrap "confusing" offer

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  • ThemeOneThemeOne Forumite
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    Although I was a bit damning about this in my earlier post, when the coupons arrived they were better than I expected. One was for £2.50 off Marmite and what I wasn't expecting was you still get the PYO discount as well, so I got a £4.59 jar for £1.17.
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    cplattencplatten Forumite
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    The one thing that does show is the inconsistency in customer experience we all have across different branches of the same supermarket. Each one has different parking terms and/or charges and a different quality of customer service.

    I never found the Pick Your Own Offers confusing and will miss them a lot - but - nothing will make me turn to any other supermarkets again. We have two branches of Waitrose where I live and both are fantastic for selection, staff, size and atmosphere. I might save more money going to Lidl or Aldi but there are certain things by Waitrose I would miss too much. I have a chronic illness and rely a lot on ready meals and theirs are very good - especially as Tesco have reduced their Finest range so much lately and I don't have an M&S that near.

    At Waitrose I can shop in a comfortable environment, in a store that is not too big (unlike my Sainsbury's) and sit down regularly when tired with a free coffee. I can get almost everything I need under one roof - unlike so many other places where their meat isn't ethical.

    I am going to be a rare person standing up for them today. Price isn't everything in choosing a supermarket.
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    Penelopa.PitstopPenelopa.Pitstop Forumite
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    I used my paper coupons today, they worked together with PYO and other promotions so I saved quite a lot. However couldn't use coupon for butter because the one I use was out of stock. Didn't buy cat litter or cat food, as it's too heavy to carry it.

    Why couldn't they work a bit longer on it and allow vouchers to be used online? You have to go to manned till or wait for staff to use you coupons at self-check out tills. Either way, waste of time.

    So I think, I will go once a month to Waitrose when I get coupons, probably on a way back from somewhere when driving, to bring heavy stuff, and can buy anything else online wherever it's cheapest.

    If there are no discounts related to MyWaitrose card, there's no point to scan it any more. End of data gathering and knowing when I shop and what I buy.

    I never got money off certain amount vouchers by post mentioned earlier, however a couple of months ago, till printed £7 off £70. Got couple of these and went couple of times to stock up on long last products. I saw other customers getting them too, so it was probably bigger promotion/action.

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    mon37mon37 Forumite
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    Now wait and see when they will scrap their free coffee offer - this is long overdue. I feel there will be £10 minimum spend in place soon, the same as for their newspaper.
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    I never got money off certain amount vouchers by post mentioned earlier.........

    For what it's worth, I found that these rather worthwhile vouchers (£8 0ff £40, for example) only started arriving after stopping shopping there for a while.

    Judicious use of two MyWaitrose cards (self and wife) makes that quite easy - and Aldi's steady march upmarket makes it easier still!
  • Penelopa.PitstopPenelopa.Pitstop Forumite
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    I get this kind of vouchers from Tesco every few months, because I don't shop there except buying Momentum petrol.

    I don't mind if coffee is scrapped, I don't think I had it more than a couple of times, as Waitrose is 5 minutes walk from home.

  • Tigger1000Tigger1000 Forumite
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    mon37 wrote: »
    Is this £10 spend at Waitrose to park at their car park is for their every store or just specific?
    Doc_N wrote: »
    Specific stores - ours is still free.

    Ours will have to stay free - none of the parking in our town is paid for. They'd get so much backlash, they daren't start charging!

    Just got back from Waitrose - and guess what I forgot to take with me? That's right - my coupons!

    I will not be flashing my Waitrose card there after next week - they can do without my data, unless they are giving me decent vouchers .....

    I asked one member of staff this morning what reason there was to continue to show my card, and she couldn't think of one. :rotfl::rotfl:

    Suspect they will have shot themselves in the foot with this one!
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    Attila_the_PunAttila_the_Pun Forumite
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    The Pick Your Own scheme has been the top reason I shop at Waitrose in preference to other chains, and for me it has been a great money-saver. A scheme, as proposed, whereby instead Waitrose decides what items to make me offers for is not at all helpful. Other stores already do that, almost always selecting things I don't want to buy, and so Waitrose is losing its advantage here.

    I am not at all concerned that many other customers cannot remember what items they picked and find the scheme confusing*. Why not allow customers to CHOOSE between Pick Your Own Offers and the proposed 'Waitrose will pick offers for you' scheme? That would not only preserve but improve the competitive advantage that Waitrose had established, by satisfying everyone.

    If this change goes ahead, which seems almost certain, I shall go back to shopping mostly at Sainsbury's. At the moment, I have to choose between a local Waitrose in central London with no parking, and another a little further away where there is free parking only if I spend at least £50! So I usually go by bus in either case, but I have stayed with Waitrose, mainly because I like the Pick Your Own Offers scheme. I don't think a free newspaper and a coffee are enough to keep me shopping there, and I can park free for much lower spend at Sainsbury's anyway. Sorry, but goodbye, Waitrose.


    * (The customer's pick-list is readily available, and can be changed, on the Pick Your Own Offers web app, which I use when in the store. It even gives pictures of the products so you make no mistakes over product weight etc. that you select.)
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    I agree entirely with Waitrose on this.

    It's a confusing offer, and it's very decent of them to scrap the scheme for us to save us all from being so confused.

    It's made me realise, in fact, just how confusing it is to shop at Waitrose, with all that confusing choice of highly priced products, all those confusing 'special offer' displays, all those confusing '3 for £10' offers, all those confusing 'was' prices and all that confusing voucher stuff.

    So confusing was it all, in fact, that I opted for simplicity. Simple, unmanipulated, low prices. No fake offers, no vast trek round a store trying to tempt me into buying high-priced luxury items, no vouchers.

    And I switched to Aldi. :)
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    Attila_the_PunAttila_the_Pun Forumite
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    edited 21 February 2018 at 8:39PM's very decent of them to scrap the scheme for us to save us all from being so confused

    Speak for yourself. It's not 'all' of the customers. Some of us were very happy with PYOO. They could have made it an alternative that people could opt into, rather than scrapping it. [Sorry that on first reading, I missed your irony.]

    I agree with the rest of what you say. Anyone unhappy with the rewards scheme should shop elsewhere. If Waitrose is not persuaded to relent on this change, I will certainly shop elsewhere..

    See also the MSE News thread entitled Waitrose unveils its new loyalty scheme. (As a new user, I can't post a link here.) Quite a number of people are upset about the change.
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