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I can't believe in a forum on upping your income, no-one has mentioned party plan organisations. I do 2 at the moment, the Body Shop at Home (like the Body Shop on the high-street, but direct selling in peoples homes) and Creative Memories (photoalbums and storage options, scrapbooking etc), but there are many companies out there. All pay commission on sales and give a discount for personal use.

You are effectively self-employed, so choose your hours and can easily fit around children or another job.

Its a great way to make extra cash, and in my case get a discount on products I would use anyway!



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    I agree, for example I work with a perfume company, (FM Perfumes), and party plan is one of the easiest ways to make extra money. I generally make about £90 profit, for a few hours work - and the work is fun anyway! And you can fit in around everything else you do.

    As you say Aggie, there are loads of party plan companies out there, it is just a matter of choosing one who's products you really like.
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    the only drawback to most of them I have found is that you have to pay them to get started , so make sure you don't already have a good agent already in your area and that you have a few people lined up to host parties before you pay any money.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Partylite do candles and accessories and I don't think you have to pay upfront - they take it out of your commission.
    Virgin Vie Cosmetics and Jewellery also do party plan. I did it for a while but didn't like their working practises, so I gave it up. I think they've changed a lot of their policies now though.
  • Mrs_L
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    I do Oriflame parties which is skincare and cosmetics, I earn about £60 for every £200 worth of products that I sell. There is also the opportunity to sell via catalogue dropping.
    As the other posts you are self employed so choose your own hours. You get out what you put in.
    It is free to register with Oriflame, if you want to sell by catalogue you just pay for them which is £18 per hundred. You buy your party kit but if you sell enough in the next 2 months you will get it refunded.
    If anyone would like more information about this I would be happy to give more details.
  • jane130
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    with partylite you don't get commisson on the first £300 you sell to cover the cost of the kit. Most peole manage to do that in their first party if they invite enough people and are pushy enough !!
    I am journeying to a debt-free life.
    Our estimated debt-free date is January 2040. I'm on a mission to bring that date closer!
    16/02/23 debts - £9556.38
    emergency fund - £00.00
    debt-free diary - Time to Face the music and deal with this debt once and for all
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    My mum did loads of party plan when I was little in the 80s - she found it was the best way to fit in childcare with earning a decent income.

    I think you have to have a bit of salesmanship in you though - I've been to quite a few Virgin Vie parties where there is next to no "selling" - if I was the consultant I would be going round telling people what suited them and what a great price it was :)
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    I have been doing PartyLite since June this year as I wanted to earn extra money to help with the debt that i have built up, but it was attractive as I had used the products previously, there were no initial costs and the compensation/commission plan was very straightforward.

    1. You sign up and get given £300 of free products, PLUS all the forms, catalogues and stationery that you will need for the first 6-7 parties on average.

    2. You hold a "Starter Show". This is designed to get you up-and-running and as a previous poster has said, you don't earn anything on the first £300 as this covers the kit you are given, most parties manage to clear £300 - I got £307 which meant I keep the original kit plus I also received another £7 of free product.

    3. Once you have 'done' £300 in sales, you then receive 20% commission paid weekly for each show. If you hit £1,200 in any one month (which in some cases isn't hard) you get an additional 5% commission paid at the end of the month.

    As an illustration, if you 'do' £1,200 in your second month and have already cleared the kit @ £300 you would receive £300 in wages for that Month (£1,200 @ 20% = £240, plus 5% of £1,200 = £60)

    Once you have sold £800 you are classed as "qualified" and can then purchase other products and wax at 40% discount.

    I had a month off in September due to holidays and other personal commitments, but I am earning, on average £160 a month for 4 nights a month work, I have earnt more in some months than others, but on average £160 per month.

    Let me know if you want further details on this
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    See I can not see how partylite makes the money as I think the products are soooo overpriced I went to one this week which took £250 but I was pushed to be able to afford anything at all.

    On the other hand I went to a chocholics party and the stuff was fantastic values and the agent took loads of money I have been thinking about doing it but I am very happy with phoenix-trading at the moment as there is no pressure or targets on me which suits my mother/student life!!!!!!!!!
    c x
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    I do Ann Summers parties and work once or twice a week. Past couple of weekends I have done two parties an earnt close to 300 quid; it is commission based so if you don't sell you don't make anything but this hasn't happened yet touch wood!
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    Hi, I do Avon and FM.

    Avon are not known for party planning but like anything else you just take a good sample of products and hopefully get some good orders! You have to time them right though as the brochure changes every 3 weeks. My main money is from brochure drops and regular customers, a little from sales leadership but that is quite hard if you don't have a lot of time. Commission is up to 25%.

    I have also just started FM and must admit people are keener to have a party for this as it's new. I have also got hold of a great party format too and I'm keen to try it out - 2 parties booked in and more to confirm! The demo kit is just a small leather look zipped folder with 100 fragrance samples which people can try, so I don't have to lug crates of stuff about with this one. It's flexible and you can order when you like. This pays up to 33% commission.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions on either.
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