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KonMari 2018 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

edited 22 January 2019 at 10:32AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    I'm a big believer that (much of the time) soap is soap is soap. So I refill handwash and shower gel bottles with cheap bubble bath. The dregs of the bubble bath bottle I used to refill the boys' bathroom handwash with yesterday (I like to have them in colours to match the rooms! :D) was then washed out and added to wmachine soap drawer. My laundry gloop is made with hotel small bars of soap (I have a large stash of technically ood bars, so charities won't take them, but I give new bars to foodbank/ shoebox appeal/ homeless centre, depending upon who is asking!) I use the dregs of my daughter's (apple) shampoo as w-u-liquid, as do I with any other ok fragranced bottles (I wash mine out when washing my hair, but I cannot make everyone else do that, so I wash theirs out by using the dregs as w-u-l)

    I found a small bottle of cuticle oil in my drawer today, along with a tester freebie gift tube of primer - so added them both to my current jar of mixed-stuff-body cream :D I received both as gifts (one as a proper gift, one as gwp)and neither are things I'd use, so this way I will :) They've both been hanging around a while, so I'm glad to see them go and recycle the bottle, if not the (now cut up) tube.
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  • GreyQueenGreyQueen Forumite
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    :) I'm having a little pootling around at home evening (bit too tired for allotmenteering tonight) and have turfed out some things, repurposed others, brought some things forward for use and flattened some boxed for recycling.

    Am limbering up to go bootsaling this coming Sunday and will try to get a few things outta here and not bring too many more back (counsel of perfection, I probably will buy something, hopefully nothing worse than a book or two which can be read then donated :o).
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  • grunniegrunnie Forumite
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    I have decided to KM my large dinner set which includes veggie dishes gravy boats etc etc. There is only 2 of us so why do I need a 12 plate setting for a banquet. It filled 2 banana boxes so off to the charity shop tomorrow.
    Just found a denb y tea set that I have never used so it is going too. Freed up a double cupboard hippeee.
  • camelot1001camelot1001 Forumite
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    I've emptied all the carp from the conservatory this afternoon as it's going to be demolished on Friday!

    Whilst on a roll, sorted all my children's toys from the loft, cleaned them up so the DGC can play with them.
  • PollyWollyDoodlePollyWollyDoodle Forumite
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    I made coleslaw tonight, and decided I'd use the mandoline which I kept when I Kondoed the kitchen because I was convinced I'd use it.

    It did make nice neat julienne strips of carrot, but they took forever to do - and I'm slightly scared of it, with good reason - they're not kidding when they say those blades are sharp! I had to finish the carrot and the cabbage by hand, because the safety holder wasn't gripping them tightly. Might as well have done the whole thing by hand with a chopping board and a big knife. It's going, I love the idea of perfectly equal thin slices but in reality, I don't cook that way.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    My extra sharp mandoline went too Polly. My hubbie could not stand to watch me using it, the sharpest thing I ever used. I kondoed it last year, started to have `what if` visions and it was not worth it, the `what if`

    Kondo is being a life saver here, not actual `right now` kondo but having finished kondo. I can only get out and do a couple of early or late hours, the garage gets boiling and even the insulated wooden outbuilding is too warm. I managed to just about finish packing up the garage last night, only one 5 x 5 cm metal object went out. I am at the stage though when I am losing that recording and listing meticulousness and things are just being piled into boxes. I want to be ready to move all the garage contents end of august

    So today, after breakfast, I will change and get into the outbuilding and start packing the garden products, just leaving miracle grow and a pair of secateurs and gloves. My flours need to be sorted too and I will kondo the peasant flours, I cannot face making bread trenchers in this weather, so they will go. My new home has a very handy top notch private supermarket and a deli/wholefoods shop with fantastic ratings, 10 minute walk away. I may not have to store much food in future and I won`t know myself. I havent been within walking distance of any shop for over 50 years, soon they will all be in walking range.
  • SiebrieSiebrie Forumite
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    I spent the weekend at my parents' picking up my dds, who had spent the first week of the summer break there.

    We borrow their gas tank for camping (why buy one if they have it stored), and in order to get it out of the bedroom cupboard, I had to take out all their emergency/prep stash. This is all stored in a top cupboard in the spare bedroom, so, although it's well-organised, they hardly ever go there. Most items were ood! Long life milk, longlife chocolate milk, longlife buttermilk, graham crackers, sultana biscuits.... Not ages ood, but a few months, so we threw away the buttermilk, and put all the other items into circulation. I'm having the crackers for breakfast, lunch, and evening snack these days :) and DD2 has finished the first carton of longlife choc milk.

    I am working from home 2 days/week during summer, which I hate, as my home is my safe place, where I can be me, wife, Mum, without any stress from work. My dds are not interested in any summer (day)camp and prefer to stay home and have friends over or go there. This is the solution... I will line up some more playdates in the next few weeks, so I can go to the office in the afternoons at least.
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    I had to kondo in the big shed today, I just kept leaving it until it had to be done. Nothing from the shed has been catalogued and I started so well in the garage, I have reached the point of some stuff for the tip and the rest into any box. I did get rid of the peasant flour and made 32 nice rolls with cotswold crunch. I can see today`s efforts in the number of lock n lock boxes I had to wash. I don`t think I can do any more in the shed for now. I have more time to do the house, did a lot of house kondo anyway. It must look nice next week when the photos are done, then I can relax until september when it will be all sytems go (again)
  • WeeMidgieWeeMidgie Forumite
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    I had an early meal this evening, and delayed the washing up, which was just as well, because the kitchen wall cupboard which was put up yesterday decided to Kondo itself. If I had been washing up, it would have done me serious damage, as it's a very small kitchen and I'd have been hit.

    So, thankful it's only Stuff that got it. I now need a new pestle and mortar (the cupboard smashed onto them on the way down), and a new waste bin. The lino is gouged in three places but that's not a heartbreak, as it's well past its best. Lucky the pestle and mortar were there, or the worktop would have been gouged. So thankful that it didn't take out me or the cat!! The handyman had put it up with screws and rawlplugs. Probably should have used bolts?
  • FlossFloss Forumite
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    Wee Midgie probably yes...our wall cabinets are held on with bolts. Good thing you weren't there!
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