January's bring your lunch to work



  • enchilada wrote: »
    Hello, can I join please?

    Lunch spending is a huge one for me- I started using YNAB last year and it's been a big shock to see how much I'm spending on disappointing food for lunch.

    It'll take serious planning to get into the habit but I'm going to give it a try! At the moment I'm only focusing on taking in my main food item and I'll allow myself to buy the snacks/cans I'm used to, but eventually I want to cut those down too.

    I have 22 days in the office this month, and have 2 planned lunches out, which seems more than fair, so can you put me down for 20 days please?

    Yesterday I had panzanella salad with ham (bread gone stale and so rescued in the salad, and ham left over from Christmas :money:). I just had half a tub of soup I had in the freezer- I had intended the other half for tomorrow but it was horrible so I'll have to think of something else tonight!


    Welcome to the club :)

    I've added you to the list on page 1, I've also put you down for 1 LTW day, let me know if this is incorrect and I'll change it.
  • I brought my lunch in again today. I walked to my fiancee's office and we sat and enjoyed lunch together (Didn't see him much this morning or yesterday) .
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  • dm9759
    dm9759 Posts: 13 Forumite
    Day one completed :)
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  • January 1st New Years Day - no work.

    January 2nd - pesto pasta salad, chopped apple, x2 clementines and a packet of crisps

    January 3rd - pesto pasta salad, chopped apple, x2 clementines and a packet of crisps

    2/20 :)

    Guess what I’m taking to work tomorrow
    February Grocery Budget: £190.75/£350.00
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  • parsniphead
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    My first day back to work. Boo hiss.

    Today I have seeded thin bagels, soft cheese and fruit with a flask of coffee.

    I just need to behave myself in the refrectory.
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  • Another day of pesto pasta salad, apple and clementines
    February Grocery Budget: £190.75/£350.00
    NST no. NSD 4/15
  • Oakdene
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    LO Pasta bake for me today :) 3 out of 3 for me so far. And no trips to the dreaded, money draining, sandwich van,
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  • CompletelyLost
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    edited 4 January 2018 at 10:19AM
    Please count me in on this. I'm working at least 22 days this month, so will aim for at least 18/22 to account for the odd day of frivolity/payday treats!

    3/3 so far :)
  • I need to get back on board with this. Please put me down for 15 days for the rest of January.
    Have been getting back into bad habits for the first couple of days of the month.
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  • taskey
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    up and early this morning - sandwiches (cheese beetroot and salad cream), flapjack, 2 satsumas and a mug shot just in case


    saved about £10 so far already
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