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January | Penny Pincher Challenge



  • adventureofmemoriesadventureofmemories Forumite
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    Today :
    Checked the bank - 1pt
    had a no spend day - 1pt

    Fiancee ordered in for us... was unexpected but "his treat and 1 more present for you" he said

    I wrote the tasks in my planner so i xan be more accountable. Im setting my planner so it's ready to use in jan
    Debt to fiancee - £404.00 (left to pay) | Save £12,000 in 2018 - £371.90 all together|2,018 items in 2018 (8/2,018)
  • mollymunchkinmollymunchkin Forumite
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    I’d like to join in & here is my list. Must remember to update here!

    1. Save change 10p & under
    2. Clear loft & Ebay contents
    3. Look for free parking wherever possible
    4. Take lunch to work everyday
    5. Not buying clothes etc
    6. Use up leftovers
    7. Meal plan
    8. Check bank frequently
    9. Batch cook
    10. Use up freezer contents
    11. Use up cupboards contents
    12. Not buying toiletries
    13. Don’t throw out food
    14. Limit takeouts to 1 per fortnight
    15. No Costa coffees
    Cos I don't shine if you don't shine.
  • JenRMJenRM Forumite
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    Please can I join too? Here's my list for Jan:
    1. 5 no spend days
    2. 5 no car days
    3. Do the penny challenge
    4. Declutter 3 things a day challenge (selling stuff when poss)
    5. Earn at least £10 on surveys
    6. Make at least £10 selling on FB
    7. Batch cooking each week
    8. Always make lunch for myself and OH on work days
    9. Check bank balance daily
    10. Don't buy any carrier bags
    11. Do one big weekly shop by myself
    12. Do a food plan each week
    13. Use Co-op points for top ups
    14. Use Boots points for cosmetics
    15. Keep cost of my twins birthday party to under £100

    Looking forward to taking part 😊
  • ChocolatedrinkerChocolatedrinker Forumite
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    I'd like to join from January please. My list is:
    1. Save £2 coins
    2. Save 20p coins
    3. Have at least 3 no spend days a month
    4. Always have shopping bags in the car so I don't buy any more
    5. Always use loyalty cards when shopping
    6. Use cash back sites when shopping online
    7. Keep a spending diary
    8. Cancel unwanted subscriptions
    9. Take lunch to work
    10. Join and use receipt hog
    11. Check bank a count everyday
    12. On payday, transfer balance to pay debts, once paid off transfer to savings
    13. Take part in £10 per week luxury challenge
    14. Take part in 2018 1 percent challenge
    15. Take water bottle to work
    16. Do small money saving things each week
    17. Take part in 5p savers challenge
    18. No more buying books until I have read the ones I have.
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    villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    edited 31 December 2017 at 9:53AM
    Please may I join.
    My 15 are

    1. Catch free bus to work on days I work at my main base.
    2. Take bags shopping.
    3. Take packed lunch to work .
    4. Drink water at work.
    5. Plan meals to include using up leftovers.
    6. Complete my expenses.
    7. Check banking.
    8. Use loyalty cards.
    9. Save all £2 coins.
    10. EBay at least 4 items.
    11. Not buy clothes
    12. Not buy toiletries.
    13. Check and do 2 survey sites a day.
    14. Check cheapest petrol prices before filling car up.
    15. Clean car and take books in boot to charity shop.
  • scrooge2008scrooge2008 Forumite
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    Hi can I join too please. Although mine don't all look money saving - I find that if I give my mind, house and body the attention they deserve that the money side of thing falls in to place too.

    1 Complete Tax Return - Own
    2 Complete Tax Return - Business
    3 Write out Menu Plan for Month (rolling four week)
    4 Netball each week
    5 Dancing class each week
    6 Art class each week
    7 Sauna/swim gym each week
    8 Meditation each day
    9 Save £10.00 a day challenge (long term savings)
    10 Plan food to eat in advance - Night Before
    11 Plan money to spend in advance - Night Before
    12 Plan work to do in advance - Night Before
    13 30 minute timed declutter each day
    14 Wash on and out each day
    15 Swallow a frog - one thing I really don't want to do - each day
    I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
  • As I haven't started yet I am going to re-do my list. I agree with scrooge that if when other things in my life don't go to plan I tend to spend more on unnecessary items so it I make sure everything else is going ok I feel good about that and spend less (if that makes sense).

    I need to re-think but am aiming for 10 money saving goals and 5 general life ones.
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    iammumtooneiammumtoone Forumite
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    edited 30 December 2017 at 4:58PM
    My revised list

    1) limit drink spend at work to £3 day for breakfast/dinner/drinks
    2) stay off internet shopping sites
    3) check bank balance - round down and transfer to savings
    4) update spending diary
    5) Limit takeaways to once a fortnight
    6) re-use shopping bags
    7) Walk instead of drive
    8) loose change/50ps in sealed pot
    9) eat something from freezer/cupboards that needs using up
    10) £10 per week luxury challenge
    11) 15 minute timed de-clutter/tidy everyday
    12) 3 things de-clutted every day (bin/charity shop/ebay)
    13) get clothes etc ready night before, b4 7pm so if any issues there is time to sort
    14) laundry in machine b4 8pm so I don't have to stay up waiting for the machine to finish
    15) wash up before going to bed
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    adventureofmemoriesadventureofmemories Forumite
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    Hey guys , Please do include selfcare items!
    We could do 10 money saving ones & 5 home ones if you'd like?

    I changed my list too slightly as I found some weren't applicable to me anymore.

    Welcome to all of our new members! It's so lovely to have you.
    How has your week been going?

    I'm starting from 0, i had to use my savings D:
    Debt to fiancee - £404.00 (left to pay) | Save £12,000 in 2018 - £371.90 all together|2,018 items in 2018 (8/2,018)
  • BookaholicBookaholic Forumite
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    I’d like to join in please. I was already thinking about the need to save rather than spend over the next month or two...and now discovered we need a new boiler (we’ve had 3 years of dodginess only to learn today that the plumber we’ve had round has replaced 3 of the neighbours’ before we moved in!). Will pop back later to add my 15.
    Money saved for Christmas 2018 £6/£500
    No more Buying Books challenge - read 2 books 2017-18
    January NSDs - 3/15
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