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January | Penny Pincher Challenge



  • adventureofmemoriesadventureofmemories Forumite
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    Welcome , helejenkins1! Great to have you on board!

    "yesterday" I :

    Paid with cash - 1 pt
    check accounts regulary - 1 pt
    Sign up to lloyds bank - 1 pt (I've been accepted just waiting on activation code before I can open a savings account to do that save the change thing)

    I will have to spend money on food shopping for the week and have made a list so I know exactly what to get. If I stick to that list I won't count it as a spend day as it's necessity. Will also take my own bags and use my club card to earn points & to then upload to receipt hog.

    I will have to use my Christmas gift money for other spends until I get paid as I really need to get into the habit of paying by cash and don't have much in the bank at all.


    Roll on 2018
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  • keggsykeggsy Forumite
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    Happy New Year Everyone. Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2018!!

    Update for yesterday:

    No spend day.....1 pt
    Sent £10 into separate Xmas account.....1pt
    Checked bank accounts....1pt

    Not too bad.

    Trying to make our money work for us and not the other way round!!
  • scrooge2008scrooge2008 Forumite
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    Good morning, I had a dream of a little red money spider, last night, so I have decided it is a good omen for us all :rotfl:

    I am doing a couple of extra hours cover this afternoon, so will move £20.00 over to the £10.00 a day challenge pot and it is a planned NSD.

    My swallow a frog today is to spend four hours getting my personal and business accounts ready for presenting to the accountant on Wednesday. Will be over the moon to accomplish that - wish me luck.
    I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
  • I'd like to join in if its not late. Taken our eye off the ball recently and I'd rather put the money towards a family holiday rather throwing it away!
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  • adventureofmemoriesadventureofmemories Forumite
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    Yeah of course ! Never too late to join.
    It's great to have you on board!

    Good luck, scrooge
    Debt to fiancee - £404.00 (left to pay) | Save £12,000 in 2018 - £371.90 all together|2,018 items in 2018 (8/2,018)
  • Yeah of course ! Never too late to join.
    It's great to have you on board!

    Good luck, scrooge

    Thanks for the welcome. Here's my 15 things:

    1 12 NSDs
    2 update budget daily
    3 stay out of work canteen
    4 overtime
    5 no new dog toys
    6 10p and under to sealed pot
    7 shopping bags
    8 menu plan
    9 reduce food waste
    10 freezer use up
    11 takeaways fortnightly
    12 research selling stuff
    13 only buy needed house stuff if in sale
    14 reduce eating rubbish
    15 log on daily to challenge
    SPC #459 no 8 2015 £203 2016 £157 2017 £70
    starting mortgage £120,000 June 2012
    OP 2015 £5000, 2016 #57 £28866/ £25000
  • 32b3in201332b3in2013 Forumite
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    I would like to join please if that is OK?

    My plan is to
    1, Check bank account each day and update spreadsheet when DDs go out.
    2, Round down spending account each Friday to savings.
    3, Pot all change at the end of each day (this might be a little cheat as I have done this for years but I will keep it here anyway :D )
    4, List an item per day on eBay.
    5, Drink only water at work.
    6, Walk to (or from) work twice a week. 4 miles each way.
    7, Do not buy any clothes.
    8, Set up envelope system to manage budget.
    9, Only use cash and leave cards at home.
    10, Take lunch to work with me three times per week.
    11, Use up all toiletries before buying anymore.
    12, Do not buy any stationery, however organised it might make me. I have enough!!
    13, Say something nice to someone each day.
    14, Only have one takeaway each week.
    15, Achieve 10,000 steps each day.

    I thinks thats it, I will be back each day to update my points. I will also think of another challenge to replace the money in pot one!!

    Happy new year everyone.

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  • adventureofmemoriesadventureofmemories Forumite
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    Today I had a day of shopping.
    I only had to buy food shopping to take lunches to work & for tea's
    but... We ended up going to the pound shop and brought a couple of things we "needed" such as a new mop, a broom and a drying mat (our pots and pans take up all the room on our dish rack and we have a tiny kitchen) but also....

    Purchased 8 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. 25p EACH , even the 10 meter rolls.

    6. Have a shopping list & stick to it - I did...In Tesco !
    7. Reuse shopping bags
    8. Use clubcard / keep recipets and upload to recipt hog . Use clubcard when i don;t have cash but for small items
    9. Pay with cash where possible
    14. check accounts regulary

    = 5 pts for today.


    WELCOME , 32b3in2013

    Change the list as you need :)
    Debt to fiancee - £404.00 (left to pay) | Save £12,000 in 2018 - £371.90 all together|2,018 items in 2018 (8/2,018)
  • Happy new year everyone!

    Wow- that wrapping paper was a bargain :)

    For some things on my list I'm only going to give myself a point at the end of the week- no CC, spending diary etc.

    So today I have:
    1.checked bank accounts
    2. Prolific x3
    3. Searches on other survey sites.
    4. Put coins in piggy bank.
    9. Turn lights out when not in room.
    15. Walk 5000 steps.

    Total= 6 points for number 15.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening
  • BookaholicBookaholic Forumite
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    Happy New Year! We spent last night at my brother’s and rang in the new year playing board games and sleeping in his living room! This morning we had a walk and found a couple of geocaches! Not a NSD because we were out of teabags so we did the weekly shop rather than just get the odd thing! I was very good...we took a list and stuck to it (sadly still need potatoes as there were none at all! Or eggs lettuce or bacon but they weren’t on the list!) and OH was helpfully pointing out the deals we didn’t need and the fizzy pop...but I didn’t give in! So today’s points:
    Bookaholic wrote: »

    My list for January
    1. Have 3 NSDs each week
    2. Don’t buy any toiletries - I have quite enough in the cupboard to use up!
    3. Go to the library instead of buying books I want to read (on top of this read 5 books off my shelf)
    4. Make a shopping list and stick to it. - 1pt
    5. Take lunch to work everyday (if I’m at home make something healthy) -1pt
    6. Don’t buy anything on Etsy - this is one of my vices! -1pt (app deleted :))
    7. Don’t buy anything on Amazon -1pt (app also deleted!)
    8. Always carry a shopping bag -1pt
    9. Keep a diary of expenses -1pt
    10. Add the equivalent of £1.50 minimum a day to sealed pot to save for Christmas 2018 -1pt
    11. No takeaways or ready meals -1pt (making our own chicken burgers instead of going to KFC today!)
    12. Meal plan for each week. -1pt
    13. Go for a run or do a home work out each day -1pt
    14. Complete surveys on Yougov
    15. No buying fizzy pop or alcohol (will drink lime and soda if going out) -1pt

    Bonus - Note 3 positive things each day!

    I think that’s 11pts for today if I’ve counted right!
    Money saved for Christmas 2018 £6/£500
    No more Buying Books challenge - read 2 books 2017-18
    January NSDs - 3/15
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