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Pet insurance premium hike, no claims. To change or not to change?

Hi, we have insured our cats with Direct Line for many years and always been happy with their service so we insured our latest cat with them two years ago. Our renewal notice has arrived with the premium increasing by £6 per month (it was £1 the previous year) from £12.50 to £18.50. It is the advanced policy £8,000 per condition but is not a for life policy. Shopping around we have pinned our alternatives down to LV £10,000 lifetime at approx £11 or Petplan £7,00 lifetime at just over £16 per month. We do realise that these would be a first year discounted rate. Looking online for reviews they are all much of a muchness any opinions/experiences would be most welcome. Do they all hike their premiums up every year? I know this year there was a warning of a 20% increase but this is far more. The best Direct Line could offer was £2 off.


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