The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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    Sounds like something from Viz:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Maybe not Viz, but I am given to understand that our new friend Rudolf was something of a legend in his own lunchtime at another website...but perhaps he is no longer an Angry Investor.

    The key thing is to take his posts not so much with a pinch of salt, but a Highways Agency gritting lorry full of the stuff :D:D:D:D
  • A few years ago I contacted Lush to enquire about one of their ingredients. I had a lengthy conversation with the lady and I blagged my way into being one of their human testers. I regularly get all kinds of products to test and report back on. It's saved me a fortune and I get to try all their new suff free :j


    Oh my good god !!!!

    Lush is my most favourite shop in the whole world I love them so much they've made me virtually bankrupt lol. I would be in your debt for ever if you could lend me some advice / tips on becoming a testor for lush !!!!

    love Tyler
    Merry Christmas MSE!
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    ive ben sending letters and emails to companies for years and have always had something back whether it be vouchers or samples.

    I must be doing something wrong as the letters of genuine praise/ thanks I have written have almost always been ignored, although one company did send me a slip with their website details on! Oh, and my letter in praise of the perfect bubble bath was returned because the company had gone bust!!

    By the way: Most large retailers run an 'employee of the week/month' reward scheme for excellent service. You don't gain, but somebody who is working hard does - DD was nominated (rare for Saturday staff) and was given a £10 bonus, the winner got £100. Worth doing, I think.
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    mean_momma wrote: »

    Better still, send an email! Some supermarkets seem to automatically send out £10 vouchers if you email customer services with feedback

    Tesco will not do this... I have had legitimate complaints against Tesco many many times and have always received standard template "we're sorry" letters at best and nothing at all sometimes.

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    I love the Fruits range of shampoos that are seen in supermarkets - they only cost 99p but when their all-in-one shampoos disappeared off the shelves I looked them up on the Net. I found the company in Australia and praised this particular product via email, they advised me that they had stopped manufacturing it but if I could let them have my address they would send me the one remaining bottle in their warehouse. To be honest, I was skeptical but a few weeks' later the very same bottle arrived in the post (I am using it very sparingly - for high days and holidays).
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    luxor4t wrote: »
    ...By the way: Most large retailers run an 'employee of the week/month' reward scheme...

    "Employee of the month" - a brilliant example of how to be a winner and a loser at the same time! :D:rotfl:
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    sympathies, persontypething, for the flooding.
    If you see me on here - shout at me to get off and go and get something useful done!! :D
  • I emailed a supermarket to complain about fabric conditioner that was advertised on special offer had sold out before 9am. The area manager rang me the day after and brought two bottles to my house free of charge. I also got two free tickets from a coach company after complaining that the trip we had been on wasnt what was advertised in the brochour. If you write a polite letter or email you usually get something done.
  • my god daughter couldnt get tickets for a band so was going to buy from a tout. she noticed a member of the street team giving out fliers and collecting email addresses. she asked her if she knew of any free tickets as the touts were expensive. the girl said she could sign someone in and did so. so for free entry to small gigs it might be worth having a chat to the street team.

  • Whatever do you mean? It's not sneaky at all and just who do you think is losing out? If people don't mark their property in this way how would it help them if you didn't mark it before it was sold?

    I have been retired 7 years now and this little scam has kept me in a life of luxury I could never have dreamed of whilst I was working. I have now rented a flat in Harpenden as I find that the quality of goods returned is much better there.

    I am planning more rental addresses as my business expands and will soon be buying a van to assist with my property collections.

    I'll tell you who I think is losing out - the people who actually bought the goods, and marked it. Once police recover stolen property, if they see two different markings on it, what's gonna happen then? Are you suggesting then that we should wipe down all items of value we purchase, just to make sure they haven't been marked by a scammer like yourself? (Dare I call you a scammer? Yes, I do - you yourself have referred to this scheme as a scam).

    Furthermore, haven't you heard of the offence of obtaining property by deception? Honest to God, I hope you get caught - your arrogance betrays your ignorance. Consider yourself flamed.
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