Have you freed up space on your phone?

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  • Every time when you download files to your device such as a picture, an app and etc, the corresponding junk files like app caches, temporary download files and many more will be generated and saved in your device, which won't disappear automatically. So, you can to rely on this Android Eraser to clean up the useless files from your phone so as to free up enough space on your Android device to save new files as wanted and needed!
  • What I do is most of the photos, videos, documents I save in Google drive. I use extra memory card also so that most of the files I can save there and can free up some space. If the card become full then I transfer all files to my external hard disk by using the card reader.
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  • There some tips to speed up your Android cell phone, you can make your device respond faster after you follow the steps below.

    1. Update the Android Version
    You can speed up your Android cell phone by updating the Android firmware version. As we know the firmware can fix some bugs of the device, so if you update it regularly, it will keep your device functioning well and speed up your Android phone. You can update the firmware in these steps. Enter "Settings" > "About Phone" > "Firmware Update".
    2. Back Up and Reset Your Android Phone
    Resetting erases and wipe out everything on Android and brings your Android phone back to its original, that is to say your Android cell phone becomes as new as you bought it once. It can temporarily speed up your Android phone because as you use it again, it will lag as it used to do. But you have to back the data up before you take the resetting steps in case you miss the important ones.
    3. Check the Memory Space
    You can see your internal memory space in the settings. Check about it and move your media data such as music, photos, videos, audiobooks and so on to the SD card. This way can also speed up your Android cell phone.
    4. Uninstall Useless Android Apps
    Too many Android apps occupy the memory space as well as to slow down the speed of the Android phone especially those useless ones, so you can uninstall the useless to speed up the device.
    5. Clear Data like Junk, Hidden, Crash, etc. Files on Android
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  • Hi, this trick is easy-peasy to complete.

    1. Go to WhatsApp chats
    2. Open a message from a person you send and receive media from.
    3. Click on the name of a person at the top of the chat page.
    4. Click ‘media links’
    5. Delete any media you can afford to lose from the chat. Videos take up stacks of storage, but photos do too. Delete freely as they will remain in your ‘photos’ app so long as you haven’t previously deleted them from there.
    6. Having deleted from the ‘media’ section, now click the ‘Links’ tab. Save any links you want to keep to your ‘reading list’, then delete them from the ‘Links’ tab.
    7. Having deleted from the ‘Links’ tab, now click the ‘Docs’ tab and delete any unwanted docs.
    8. Repeat steps 1-7 for every contact on your WhatsApp, periodically. Doing so will free up whole gigabytes of iPhone storage.
    9. Adapt and repeat the process for Messenger - another storage sucker.
    10. If you have the Ebay app, regularly delete your messages in the ‘inbox’, and ‘sent’ box. Doing so will free up iPhone storage.
    11. If you use the Facebook app, delete your saved videos and other media links as this will also free up essential iPhone storage.

    Hope this helps!
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    How do you clear the cache?
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    My Sony Xperia advises me to switch off and power off every 7 days in order to do all that. There is also an app called "Free Up Space" which does the same thing.
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  • E77 thanks so much for this! I was able to free up 1 GB deleting media from WhatsApp conversations but I'm having no success with similar in Messenger - there doesn't seem to be an option to delete them anywhere on my phone?
    Marg :)
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