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Meal building blocks for the freezer



  • kiwi88_2
    kiwi88_2 Posts: 513 Forumite
    And here was me thinking I was just going to rearrange my kitchen cupboards tomorrow :rotfl:
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    :money: Martin says NO :money:
  • HariboJunkie
    HariboJunkie Posts: 7,740 Forumite
    I'm still loving this thread Thriftlady and learning lots. :T :A :beer:

    Have soaked some pulses this morning to freeze and have a pile of onions and mushrooms which will be chopped and frozen later. I now get cross when I have to peel an onion while I'm cooking instead of just reaching into the freezer for a handful of ready chopped. :D
  • wornoutmumoftwo
    You can soak pulses and then freeze? Does that apply to a broth mix?
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    This is a great thread.
    When I make mashed potato I do a bit extra to freeze in a medium size tub. I keep
    adding to it each time until I have enough to top shepherds pie or make cheese & potato pie with it.
    When freezing hm stock, I line a jug with a plastic bag (about 10p for 20 wilkos)
    pour in, tie & when frozen remove jug & label. (I need more square ones)

  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    You can soak pulses and then freeze? Does that apply to a broth mix?
    You can soak, cook and freeze pulses. I haven't tried freezing broth mix, but I don't see why not -I've frozen it in soup ;)
  • Sunnyday
    Sunnyday Posts: 3,855 Forumite
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    thriftlady wrote: »
    Good question, I think the answer is that you shouldn't refreeze the sauce. Having said that I frequently freeze leftover soup that has been made with frozen stock and it has never done us any harm.

    I also do this with stock and never even realised until i read your post, it`s never done us any harm either.:D
    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • thriftlady_2
    Now i think about it i do it with beans too. I'm making a chilli today and I shall use beans from the freezer, and then I'll freeze half of the chilli. I like to live on the edge :D
  • mrssnowy_2
    Having read all these great tips and there are some that I haven't done,makes me wish I had a bigger freezer. Made the mistake of having an upright, and I am not at all well organised - certainly would never win the tidy stakes,but usually know what is there!
    Mum freezes stewed apple in large ice-cream boxes divided up with pieces of plastic cut from other boxes!!!Quite an acheivement when you finally get a lump out!
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  • DdraigGoch
    This thread is most inspiring - I used to do a lot of this many years ago and had utterly forgotten :confused: Ah well, back to sensible living :j and it really gets to be so much fun too.

    I used to take a weekend and do the 6 chicken trick - take a half dozen free range chickens for which you have negotiated a very good rate at your local butchers [even ASDA will negotiate on a "bulk" buy if you talk nicely to the manager of the butchery section ;) ] and you then dismember and separate out the breasts, legs, thighs, scraps, giblets and carcasses. As the book I got the idea from [shall try to get the name of it ... ] said, one chicken liver isn't worth much, but 6 of them is a meal for 4!

    Brilliant idea and I saved so much time and money doing that.

    If you see me on here - shout at me to get off and go and get something useful done!! :D
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    I found this fab idea for freezing small portions of 'wet' food. I'm going to give it a go with my veg hash. The website in the link is well worth a look -very inspiring ;)
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