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Meal building blocks for the freezer



  • Grandmasu
    Grandmasu Posts: 252 Forumite
    I make up sandwiches for packed lunches. I live on my own and had found it wasteful buying pate or other packs that are too large for one, meaning you ate it for several days running and still land up throwing some away.

    I usually buy 2-3 sliced loaves and a selection of suitable fillings, make the sandwiches and pack individually. I find if I take them out before work they have defrosted ready for lunch. I don't mark what is in the packs and have a "surprise" . each day
  • metherer
    metherer Posts: 560 Forumite
    Grandmasu - Does the bread not get freezer burn?

    I've always been put off the idea, but seeing as it works for you I'm half tempted to give it a go. How many days worth do you make at a time?

    Would I be right in thinking you don't add any salad ingredients?
    Also, are there any fillings you've found that really don't work? I like sliced ham/chicken, egg mayo, cheese, that sort of thing.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

    Not heavily in debt, but still trying to sort things out.
    Baby due July 2018.
  • thriftlady_2
    Try this thread on freezing sandwiches :)
  • rosy
    rosy Posts: 642 Forumite
    Great thread, thanks thriftlady!
    re freezing in bags - I've stopped buying freezer bags now, I use the bags inside cereal packets - they're pretty leakproof, also cut up into squares they 're excellent for separating burgers etc. Can't claim any credit for this tip, I found it on this site ages ago, but it's brilliant for us and good for the environment( sons eat cereal morning noon and night so have always got plenty inner bags on the go! )
    Also another handy thing to freeze is egg whites, lightly whisked - if I make custard for eating as is or as ice cream base I've always got tons of the whites left - I used to end up throwing them out :eek: but now have huge stocks for making pavlovas whenever the occasion demands ( we now have lots of pavlovas instead of birthday cakes;) ) - that was couresy of Nigella ( I try to always freeze in 6 - egg batches so I don't have to work out how many are in there but you can weigh them and work it out from that, 1 large egg white weighs about 40g).
  • metherer
    metherer Posts: 560 Forumite
    I'm back again, with a really daft question on the sandwich theme.

    Does anyone know if Lemon Curd can be frozen? Thought about making some sweet and some savoury sandwiches so I've got the occasional treat in there.

    Back to the building blocks theme - Homemade pizza dough is one of the building blocks I always used to have in. I'd mix it up and roll it out, then open freeze for 10-15 mins. Then, take them all off the trays, layer up with greaseproof, and they were fine.

    I used to take them out of the freezer 5 mins before I started topping them, and then cook for 5 - 10 mins longer than normal.

    Must get back into the habit of doing this.
    Not heavily in debt, but still trying to sort things out.
    Baby due July 2018.
  • Grandmasu
    Grandmasu Posts: 252 Forumite
    Hello Metherer

    I have frozen down about a months worth and have never had a problem. As well as some of the ideas on thriftladys thread I like using pate and I also find the tuna is OK. You are right any salad ingredients need to be added separately and not frozen. To make even more daily variation I often mix the sandwiches when packing (ie 1 pate and 1 ham etc,) People at work laugh at me but I am not the one going up the road spending in Subway.

    It doesn't take much longer to make up a batch than individually each day and is SUCH a time saver in the morning.
  • Ladygrim
    Ladygrim Posts: 739 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Some great ideas in here. Will definately follow a few!!

    Am doing store cupboard challenge this week, so will have plenty of space in the freezer!!

    working hard at this thing called life
  • vfairbrass
    When we are having oranges I make sure they are peeled with the largest possible pieces of peel and then pop these in a bag in the freezer. Useful when you need some orange zest in baking as they grate really easily frozen. Do the same with lemons that have been squeezed for their juice. I also bought a large quantity of root ginger in the summer when it was reduced and froze that whole. Recipes that need grated ginger, like carrot cake, are so much easier when the ginger is frozen.
  • domestic_goddess
    My job tomorrow is to reorganise my freezer, this thread is fantastic and I have loads of ideas now.

    I am going to make some tomato sauce for pasta first as my kids love pasta. I have some ham from a roast ham I made today - can i just add that in to the the sauce before freezing.

  • windowshopper100
    Agreed, brilliant thread. I've got plenty to use up from Christmas but will replace with Thrift's super building blocks and the other wonderful ideas here.

    Someone mentioned earlier that the Panasonic BM pizza dough makes too much in one go, which is true - the pizza turns out far too bready.

    I make two batches of dough and take a third off each ball so I end up with 3 balls of dough. I then roll out all three and freeze on baking sheets so there's not even a need to roll them out before loading them up and cooking.

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