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Toilet Training Balls

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Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Forum ManagerFormer MSE
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What are they?

Toilet Training Balls are balls that go in the loo to make learning to use it fun for children. While they're more quirky than MoneySaving there is a MoneySaving side to this. The description claims using these will save on nappy costs!

Toilet Training Balls are available from Amazon for £6.49 including delivery

If you spot any cheaper then click reply to let other MoneySavers know.

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  • KatyagKatyag Forumite
    1.2K posts
    Having potty trained one son already i dont quite see the point in these, dont they flush away when you flush the loo?? Are you supposed to fish them out before you flush (erm no thanks!!).

    I think a better idea is putting a tiny bit of fairy in the loo and when they pee it can creat bubbles and it cleans the loo!! lol
    Bringing up 2 handsome boys and 1 gorgeous girl the MSE way!
    Joseph born 19th December 2001
    Matthew born 8th August 2007
    Tara born 23rd January 2011
  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
    7.5K posts
    They last for 4 weeks.

    I think we need some of these for the loos at work (yes, I'm a lady, but some women just don't seem to keep the seats dry.:eek: :eek: )
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  • KatyagKatyag Forumite
    1.2K posts
    Another point, for us in this house the boys are encouraged to sit down to pee as im constantly (like everytime i go to the loo) having to clear up their mess!!! Drives me mad!!!
    Bringing up 2 handsome boys and 1 gorgeous girl the MSE way!
    Joseph born 19th December 2001
    Matthew born 8th August 2007
    Tara born 23rd January 2011
  • pusscat wrote: »
    Ping pong balls with smiley faces drawn on them work just as well...

    exactly what i was going to say!
    would probably be more fun for your little boys to let them decorate thier own targets anyway!
    2011 - From Miss to Mrs!
  • RikkiRikki Forumite
    21.6K posts
    Don't they do some sort of toilet ball for men with urine problems.
    I can't quite remember for what exactly but I remember it being medical. ( Not still trying to teach older men to aim straight.)
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  • amandadaamandada Forumite
    1.2K posts
    Cheerios work too!
  • TaffoireTaffoire Forumite
    289 posts
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    another money saving tip I used was nail varnish...

    I drained a little water from the toilet, took my black nail varnish and painted a small spider just under the water line.

    Now when any of the boys in my house (age 4, 6, 2 and DH - 32) use the bathroom, they aim for the spider :rotfl:

    oh except a couple of years ago my middle son found a spider in the bath - not painted on may I add :rolleyes: :D


    Lou xx
    *leans against wall*
    *sips a capri sun*
  • Hmmm, good idea but whats to stop little Johnnie chucking all and sundry in the toilet bowl because he has seen mummy or daddy put these items in the bowl???

    Sounds like a moneysaving plan on one hand but think of the plumbers bills when the waste pipe gets stuffed up!!
    And yes the lady in the avatar is me

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  • andyrulesandyrules Forumite
    3.6K posts
    Just had to ask this - do the balls get hit by other waste? If it's anything like oh's, it wouldn't wash off :eek:

    re the ping pong balls - would they stay there forever? Or till you fished them out? ;):D
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