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How much is a pint in your local?

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  • OakdeneOakdene Forumite
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    £3 to £4
    There is a pub in the town I work in which sells a pint of lager or bitter for £2.50 or Guinness for £2.60.
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    getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    £2 to £3
    the next Wetherspoon beer festival will be £2.09pt for us.

    Their(WS) new menu come out next week, the only thing new is the price rises, 10p+ on most things, and a fancy new cover which makes it look very nice for our pub(s).
  • crashingoutcrashingout Forumite
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    wetherspoons in our town is always cheapest, a pint for just over £2.00. Elsewhere in town can be as much as £4.
  • singhinisinghini Forumite
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    £3 to £4
    I went out for a pint with friends last weekend (for the first time in 569 days), and a pint in London was £5.80 (a bar next to the gherkin building so central London).
  • frugalmacdugalfrugalmacdugal Forumite
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    ee, when I were a lad it were half crown a pint, maybe a florin, if lucky, proper ale in them days, no chemicals.
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  • fatrabfatrab Forumite
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    £3 to £4
    Our local just had a price increase imposed on them by the brewery, they've gone from being the cheapest pub in the area to being the second most expensive overnight.

    And the punters are talking with their feet.

    Tennents Lager £3.00-£3.50 per pint locally, decent lagers are £4+ per pint
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  • esuhlesuhl Forumite
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    £4 to £5
    Just been down to my local, and it was £4.80 a pint. But it was in excellent condition.
  • coffeehoundcoffeehound Forumite
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    £2 to £3
    £2.15 for a delicious pale ale!

  • £3 to £4
    boliston wrote: »
    That must cost a fortune!
    Say £3k pa. But I dont smoke, dont go on foreign holidays any more, dont have Sky, dont drive an expensive car etc.
    boliston wrote: »
    My budget is normally a single bottle of real ale per night max which costs 1.50-1.80
    If I had a local micropub I would probably visit occasionally but it would be for the quality of the beer and certainly NOT for darts, pool, live tv or quizzes!
    I only play darts but its horses for courses, the thought of different beers all the time is not something I like, I'm Pedigree or Bass and the occasional cider or premium lager if its hot.
  • Chrissie24Chrissie24 Forumite
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    £2 to £3
    In my local it is about £3, amazing price
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