Reclaimed packaged Bank Account Charges

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  • If only I could dictate forum responses I could dictate the banks too lol

    You make a valid point that not knowing you were being charged is a weak argument. I made this the main point of my complaint to Lloyds as MSE lists this on their miss selling checklist as point number 5. Plus point 8 mentions you never registered for the insurance which I also did not do.

    Hmmmm. Think I'll wait for the official rejection letter then word the letter to the ombudsmen better than I did to Lloyds.

    Thanks for your input.
  • Hello,

    I’ve seen the mention of mis- sold benefit accounts . I believe I was mid-sold this
    account in 2000. I was young and pregnant . I went to the bank to apply for a small loan and was unsuccessful. I was then offered the option of a credit card as a way to help instead , I accepted and was successful, I was very grateful . I wasn’t aware of any benefits but I was aware of the charges for which I thought was for the privalegd of having a credit card. As time went on I became aware of the benefits ( post from the bank ) and the fact that it is an actual account and not just a credit card . I have used some of the benefits.

    My questions: Does anyone know if there were benefits on an advantage Gold account at this time?

    If there were , would I be entitled to any claim for the period that I was unaware and sold the wrong account. Any credit card would have been sufficient at that time.

    I still have the account/cc- (well what it has been upgraded to) and it is in use. If I could make a claim, could they revoke my card/account or and ask for it to be paid in full?
    Many thanks
    P. S I hope I done this correctly- I’m a first timer :)
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    Hi, Karen. You were happy and aware of the charges, used the benefits, but you've waited 17 years to complain about it?
  • My son successfully reclaimed his packaged account fees after seeing the MSE tips. He advised me that I should do the same as my claim was just as valid. I rang Lloyds and they were very helpful. Within two days I was contacted and informed that they had upheld my claim and I would be receiving £4400 for charges plus interest. Thank you MSE, my son, and Lloyds. Excellent service!
  • Another success - I used a template letter to write to Lloyds about an account I closed last year. I started off with a student account, then a graduate account and remembered that I was told I needed a packaged account to keep my overdraft when the graduate deal ended. I don't drive, never used the travel insurance and had phone insurance separately. Lloyds contacted me yesterday to advise refund of fees and interest to the tune of £3500 over 16 years!
  • Not sure if this is a record but I opened a case using resolver yesterday afternoon and this afternoon under 24hrs I received a phone call from Lloyd’s. They checked my details and agreed o was owed £1695. Two hours later it was in my bank.
    Thank MSE without resolver I would probably not even tried.
  • Hi can anyone tell me what year Martin Lewis first reported that package bank accounts had been miss sold the financial obmbusman are saying that I should have raised my complaint with natwest before 2011 as my bank account was sold in 2005 however they have only just stopped taking payment for it since I made my complaint. I dont remember being made aware account had been miss sold till after they first reported on miss sold ppi in 2010 and due to personal problems I’ve only just been able to get round to makeing a complaint natwest are being a pain where as Lloyd paid out straight away with no problems
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    It doesn't matter when Martin Lewis first wrote about it.

    It's about regulatory timeshare,, which is what FOS are telling you.
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    My gripe with Lloyds for my Platinum account extras isn't on the list but I thought I'd see what other forumers thought.

    In fact I have two gripes.

    First one is simple. The card protection part of the added value was downgraded so that it no longer gives insurance cover on fraudulently used cards like it used to do; now it only arranges for cards to be stopped and re-sent. Or could this be because cards now automatically include fraud protection - or do they?

    Second one is a little more complex. I have had the Platinum account for several years (probably at least 6 years) and at the end of 2013, when it came to renewal of the travel insurance part of the package, they wanted us to fill in medical questionnaires - which they had not done when we first opened the value-added account - and determined that we (my wife, my daughter and myself) had medical conditions that they would no longer cover us for without payment of additional premiums. We declined that 'extra' cover, so now my daughter is not covered for M.E. related issues, and I am not covered for Autism-related issues (those are our 'medical conditions') but those policies used to protect us for those conditions previously and in fact the conditions were diagnosed during the insurance period before that 're-quote'. My wife has since died but the pains she was having at the time, and was undergoing medical investigations for, they told us that she would not be covered for that either whenever any diagnosis would be received. It turned out to be cancer and she died of it three years later. But was that re-quoting and attempted re-charging, and the subsequent partial loss of cover (which is still in effect) cause for a complaint? If so, I would like to do that...what does everyonne else think? TIA :)
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    I've just been invited by Lloyds to have my historic case reassessed. I was rejected previously because I'd used some of the included benefits, (breakdown cover for my wife's car).

    My argument at the time was that I didn't have a choice of whether I wanted the benefits as I was told I needed the account in order to have certain credit facilities available, and that I only consumed some of the benefits after the event because why would I go to the market and spend additional money buy something else when I was being forced to have a more comprehensive product that I'd had no opportunity to select on the basis of it matching my requirements. I also had a company car and company phone for that period so didn't need all of the cover being provided. I had registered my kids phones, again because I was forced to have a product I thought I might as well register for what I was having to pay for anyway.

    Surely this means my needs weren't assessed and I never had the opportunity to purchase appropriate products for my needs (if I even needed them)?
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