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Veggies .........or not ?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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CullumpsterCullumpster Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hello all,

right my dilemma (which i've mentioned many times before) is my B/f :eek:

Mr i don't like the look of that therefore i won't eat it !

Anyway, he's been getting better at eating veggies but still wont eat them if he can see then, which leaves me to blend everything, which is fine.
He knows that he has to have his 5 fruit and veg portions a day and he knows i blend stuff into the dinner, but he still says he can taste them and doesn't enjoy the meal as much.

He will eat :
Processed peas
potatoes ( any kind )
tomatoes (tinned as he can't see/taste them :))
onions, raw and cooked, i've mangaged to get him addicted to them :D
other stuff as well but that's about it on the veggie side of it, although he will eat my HM veggie soups and loves them :confused:

Is there anything i can (ahem) put into his meals that a. he won't spot and b. he wont taste ?

Or any recipies that i can try?

Once i do it once and get away with it he's fine and will eat the meal again, it's just that initial first time.



  • GaltizzGaltizz Forumite
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    Was going to suggest THIS thread, but I guess you must have tried all of the ideas on there.

    Courgettes are good for hiding. Peel them and them grate them. You won't have to blend them either.

    I was cooking pasta bol. last night and I thought how much grated carrott looked like grated red cheese (like red leicester) you could try adding grated carrott to stuff then, just before you serve it add some grated cheese and mix it in and tell him it's cheese, then gradually reduce the amount of cheese until it is all carrott.

    Food colouring, I know it's very against old style but could you try adding brown food colouring (or gravy) to meals to make it look like it's all meat? You could make mashed potato with 1/2 pots and 1/2 swede or cabbage or... (there must be lots of other ideas) then mixing a little bit of gravy so that it all goes brown, then cover it with more gravy.
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  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
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    Oddly enough... there might well be a thread in the Families Board about how to get their children to eat veggies. Imeantersay... just 'cos he's wearing size ten boots... :)
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  • Bendybops19Bendybops19 Forumite
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    Hehehe it sounds like trying to get a child to eat their veggies!

    Hmmm...hows about putting chopped up vegatables inside a chicken breast and then smoothering melted cheese on top? (cut in in half and 'stuff!') And then wrapping bacon round? I find it yummy :D

    Has he tried roasted vegatables? My bf hates anything healthy with a passion!! But i've managed to get him to eat roasted veggies, he's says that they apparently taste better and dont look too healthy!! :rolleyes:

    I also make home made pizzas (i say home made...what i really mean is buy the base and do the toppings haha!) and hide things like really small cut up mushrooms and some sweetcorn under the cheese then put loads of onions on top! Half the time he doesnt even realise there were the vegatables there :D

    Hth! Maybe look up childrens recipes on google or something?

    Does he take supplements to make up for it?
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  • cristincristin Forumite
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    Have you ever tried covering different types of veggies in a batter and frying them? - like onion rings - if he can't "see" that it is a veg he is eating he might just like it - my 4 year old won't eat onions unless they are onion rings and she loves those with ketchup. So maybe you could try

    1) dipping diff veg in batter and deep frying them (very unheathly but lovely)or

    2) dipping diff veg in egg, covering in breadcrumbs and deep/frying them or

    3) covering them in a tempura batter - I think the japanese do this with their veg - very easy to make apparently, but I have never made it - and you guessed it frying the veg in oil!

  • TrowTrow Forumite
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    LOL - I was speaking to my other half about my meal plan - first time I have done one as until now haven't had the time to get organised. His comments?

    'I suppose it sounds ok. I would be happy with a mars bar and a paket of crisps' - when I say 'but thats not a meal' he says 'it is to me'.

    I can fully sympathise! Although I have to say he's not bad at eating what he gets, and he knows better than to complain!
  • mrcowmrcow Forumite
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    If he likes onions, try mixing them wth leeks. You treat them in exactly the same way as you would onions, ie. fry them up quickly and then add them to dishes, soups or even into mash (leek and onion cheesey mash potato is lovely). He won't even notice that they are in there as they don't have a strong taste, especially if combining with onion.

    I often add frozen sweetcorn into dishes, he'll be able to see it, but the taste IMO is negligable.

    BTW....baked beans count towards your 5 a day.

    Edit......big tip with leeks - always cut them up small
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  • QueenieQueenie Forumite
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    Good old fashioned saying: "Like it, or lump it!" :rotfl: :o Sorry, that's how I was brought up and there are only 2 things in this world I cannot stomach! (Lemon meringue pie and cider :confused: )

    Anyway I can truly empathise because when I married my dh he would *only* eat: meat, potatoes, tinned carrots and tinned peas! :eek: :wall:

    I have sucessfully *hidden* diced parsnips/swede in with casseroles (they take on the meaty flavour with long cooking - not slow cooker though, because that method doesn't melt the veggies the same way)

    My dh won't touch onions, so I blitz those in the food processor.

    It's a time and patience thing really - you begin by adding a little (like the mash and swede idea) and then gradually increase the ratio until he's "accustomed" to it.

    I make meatloaves and *hide* finely grated carrots/courgettes in them so that he doesn't know they are there. Also, finely chopped mushrooms.

    I make carrot cakes with a lemon icing (he's big on cakes/goodies :D )

    I'll have to have a longer think and then come back to you on this ... but do remember - our "tastes" change as we age .. so, just because he doesn't think he likes something today ... he may well do in 3yrs time ;)
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  • trutru Forumite
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    I hid shredded cabbage in my last batch of spag bol, no-one noticed :rotfl:
  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    cullumpster- I know I've answered you before about your OH. Did you say he liked takeaways? What about veg that is not the normal cabbage/carrots type?

    Would he eat a chinese spring roll for example? If so then you know he likes beansprouts and could do a stir-fry.

    What about a curry? Chicken saag (spinach) for example.

    My 5 year old son is starting to get better (and is trying more veg at school).

    We decided to risk it the other day after he'd just eaten and enjoyed a bhaji and told him there was onion (that he doesn't like according to him) in it and he was fine about it
  • Lillibet_2Lillibet_2 Forumite
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    Try repalcing any white based sauce in meals with pureed sweetcorn. I have recently discovered this trick, not only is it a lot less faffy to make than a white sacuse (assuming you make it from scratch) it is much lower in fat. You can add parsley/white wine/pepper/onion/cheese/bread etc as you usually would to your white sauce base.

    Puree sweetcorn (tinned/defrosted/fresh) in a blender with water until you reach sauce consistancy. If in a hurry use frozen with boiling water but this can leave the skins visable.

    So far I know it works in : Fish pie (yummy), lasagne, pasta bakes, over pasta, bread sauce with roast turkey, white wine sauce over chicken, balck pepper sacue with steak & Mexican casserole (which actually calls for pureed sweetcorn & is hwere I got the idea from)

    An easy way to get one portion of veg into the daily diet:D

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