MSE News: It's on! Slash your energy bill by £280/year

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    Never Never Never will I join something involving those incompetents @Greenstar
  • StopItStopIt Forumite
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    Just a heads up to MSE.

    I just ran a quick comparison on a different site, and Green Star have just launched a Tariff (It was dated 27/04, so literally today) that is basically exactly the same as this one, available to all.

    Not so much of a good deal for MSE as Green Star have effectively promised an exclusive deal I presume?

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    None of these MSE specials have been cheaper than the cheapest where I live.
  • Andy_WSMAndy_WSM Forumite
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    Most misleading advertising EVER. Disgusting from a site like MSE.

    I'd like to know if ANYONE manages to save £280 a year?

    For me the "next best deal" will cost me £290 a year more than my tariff that ends in June (a near 30% increase!) - but I would get £30 cashback, as they are quick to point out :rotfl:

    Given wholesale prices are slightly below where they were when I signed in to my current tariff last year I can see what an absolute con job these energy companies are pulling on us!
  • DAK whether Green Star would charge an exit fee if I move house during the contract? My read of the T&Cs is that a house move would result in contract termination, and that a fee may therefore be due. Very strange that the T&Cs don't explicitly cover this common situation.
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