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  • Flying from LHR T3 in a few weeks does anyone know of any discount codes, not too fussed which lounge
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    Flying from LHR T3 in a few weeks does anyone know of any discount codes, not too fussed which lounge

    Yes, the travelzoo deal I mentioned in the post above.
  • Flying out with my girlfriend from Stanstead in October any offers or anyone know of any discount codes Please
  • This is a transcript of a conversation I had this morning after our flight was delayed until Friday due to Hurricane Irma. Can anyone advise on the responses please:
    i just spoke to one of your colleagues regarding my booking ref inrbg. our flight tom 054 has been delayed for 48 hours due to hurricane irma. i asked if he could assist with rearranging for friday but he said no as all lounges are fully booked but it is letting me book for friday on your site?
    Chat started
    Please wait for an agent. There are 3 visitor(s) waiting to be served.
    Holiday Extras
    We're sorry to keep you waiting, we're experiencing high volumes at the moment and will be with you as soon as we can!
    Thanks for your patience. Our chat volumes continue to be high, sorry again for the delay with chatting to you. We will be with you as soon as we can!
    Hannah B joined the chat
    Hannah B
    Hello Jonathan you're through to Hannah
    Ok let me double check for you please could you tell me what airport you would like it from what time and date and also for how many people
    hi hannah. gatwick north on Friday but Thomson have not confirmed yet: Thomson and First Choice are closely monitoring the development of Hurricane Irma which is forecast to affect the Dominican Republic from Thursday, and Cuba and Florida from Friday.

    As a precautionary measure we have taken the decision to delay flight TOM054 from London Gatwick to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, which was due to depart at 11:40 on Wednesday 6th September, for 48 hours.
    Hannah B
    Not a problem so you will be looking to have a lounge for this friday from gatwick?
    yes for 2 people. can you do anything for us or do we need to pay again? you can see from my account that i use you every time we fly.
    Hannah B
    If you was looking to book in for a lounge you would have to create a new booking and the full payment for it :)
    yes i know that but these are circumstances outwith our control. is there nothing that can be done such as contacting the lounge to explain the situation?
    Any update?
    Hannah B
    Unfortunately our terms and conditons still apply the same bare with me im just going to speak to my supervisor
    could i have your booking reference please?
    Hannah B
    Thankyou so as the booking is non amendable i cannot do anything with the booking you currently have if you wanted to re book in for a lounge this friday then it would be a case of booking as usual and making a full payment for the lounge
    i am now speaking to the lounge directly. very disappointed in the level of customer service considering the situation.
    this is what they have said so far: Have you spoken to Holiday extras about this

    As the booking was made through them directly

    From our side, we cannot change this for you as we cannot access their system, but Holiday extras should be able to do this for you?
    Hannah B
    I understand you're frustration but as advised by my colleague earlier that we have be advised by airlines and tour operations that standard terms and conditions apply on all our products also explained in our terms and conditions on the confirmation if you are unhappy with our customer service please email into our Customer experience team
    yes but this is an extraordinary event and some common sense should be applied.
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    Hannah B
    Of course i understand but this is what we have been advised you can claim this back with your travel insurance
    Are you sill there Jonathan?
    yes. this is what aspire have just advised: No you shouldn't, that is what I am trying to explain, if this was booked directly through us, we could amend this for you without any issues,. And I know Holiday Extras usually do not, but due to the events, they should be able to honour this for you and amend it there side, there is nothing I can do, as we do not have the booking to then tell the lounge, this needs to be changed to your new day of travel. I would suggest you speak to Holiday Extras again, and if they have any issues with this, they would usually contact us on your behalf
    Hannah B
    I understand but they are our terms and conditions i cannot do anything for you i do apologise
    Are you still there jonathan?
    Yes. I understand Hannah but Aspire are saying that you can assist us:
    To be honest, usually Holiday Extras in these issues do and can accommodate, and if they have any issues they will contact us direct. So I can only suggest maybe calling them on 0871 360 1051 and telling them you have spoken to us?

    Because you will not be the only guest who has this issue, so they need to amend it it all honesty
    Hannah B
    Ok im going to contact the lounge bare with me
    Thankyou for your patience i have just rung through and spoken to the supervisor Gina and she advised me that at no point you was told by them that us at Holiday extras can change this for you
    i am speaking to kerry on their livechat!
    She has just said this: You are speaking to Aspire lounge head office, not the lounge direct

    They need to contact us here, not the lounge
    Hannah B
    Ok i have spoken to the supervisor at the lounge
    Im sorry but Kerry cannot advise you that we can do that
    Im sorry Jonathan but our terms and conditions state we cant cancel or amend this product
    This is Kerry's response: I understand, but I am a bit confused to be honest now, as usually they would contact us here direct at head office, to amend any issues with their bookings, due to circumstances outside of their control

    So I honestly cannot comment any further on this, as they need to contact us here direct, not the lounge

    And they are fully aware of that issue
    Why cant you just contact her at Head Office like she advised?
    Hannah B
    Im sorry but we havent once been told that we have t contact the Head office
    Final bit from Kerry: OK, there is nothing else I can do. You are speaking to the customer service in head office, we own the lounge so we can help out other 3rd party bookings if need be - and as we have done numerous times for this, however if they wish not to, then this is out of our control. I am sorry I couldn't help anymore with this for you now, but HX know the procedure, so any issues you have to take it up with them direct. Sorry I couldn't assist anymore with this for you Jonathan
    Hannah B
    I have just spoken to my customer Experience and our terms and conditions are standard i do apologise that you are having this difficulty we cannot refund this back but we c an offer at 25% discount for the new booking you would need to make for friday
    do i need a code?
    Hannah B
    I can get a colleague to give you a call
    i'm a bit worried to make a booking today in case the flight is delayed and the same thing happens again?
    Hannah B
    whether you choose to do that is of course up to you as a gesture of good will we are willing to give you a 25% for the new booking if you would like to go ahead with this then i can get a colleague to give you a call
    can it be amended if there is another delay
    Hannah B
    I cant guarantee this im afraid if it gets to the day your due to fly we cannot amend it or cancel it and if we could amend it it all depends if the lounge have space for the new dates and times you would be looking for
    but i was originally told by your colleague that Friday was fully booked but I can still make an online booking! Forget it. I have taken a transcript of this conversation & will be taking this further. I appreciate your terms and conditions but under the circumstances this could have been resolved.
    Hannah B
    The lounge was fully booked for the same lounge you was booked into originally so if the booking was a flexible options we still couldn't amend the times as the Aspire lounge didn't have any space
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    I very much doubt many people are going to plough all the way through that but your contract is with Holiday Extras who presumably sold the deal cheaper than the lounge provider themselves and they can have whatever terms they like. If one of them was the booking was non refundable, then I doubt any of the staff can change it, they obviously pay Aspire even less and I suspect their contract says they must pay come what may.

    With respect the loss of £40 may be the least of your worries, the north coast of the Dominican Republic is currently directly in the path of Irma and as a category 5 hurricane, there may be no hotel for you to stay in.
  • Please can anyone tell me if you have any discount codes for Standsted Escape Lounge? I read on trip advisor someone got it for £15 but can't find this anywhere. Thanks!
  • Been looking myself for october to be honest not found anything resembling a discount for stanstead lounge but did enter free comp on there webb site. Unlike gatwick you dont seem to be able to log in as customer so no deals are offered anywhere. sorry not much help.
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    bentleypug wrote: »
    Please can anyone tell me if you have any discount codes for Standsted Escape Lounge? I read on trip advisor someone got it for £15 but can't find this anywhere. Thanks!

    unsure if its much help but do you use topcashback?

    there is a cashback of 10.5% on the holiday extras lounge site if you go through topcashback

    if you search the MSE forum something like cheap airport lounges- sometimes MSE bags a discount code,If i recall they had a code back in mid june prehaps?
    I think it was 25%.
    i had a quick look here

    sadly it doesn't seem to be any codes avaiable just now though - maybe worth checking every other day?

    hope this helps
  • Don't forget that if you are a TasteCard holder, then you can save a huge amount on Access to No1 Lounges. Check their site to find out how much

    As at 28/09/2017
    Tastecard Online On-the-door
    Gatwick - My Lounge† £10 £18 £24
    Gatwick - No1 Lounges £22.50 £30 £37.50
    Heathrow T3 £27 £36 £40
    Birmingham £19.50 £26 £32.50
    Edinburgh £18 £24 £30

    Unable to add a link as new to Forum... But use the standard link and add a /tastecard to the end (Maybe an admin can sort a link and maybe the table above?
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