Bank of Scotland to cut rate on top-paying current account

Tiered interest rates will be replaced with a flat 2% paid on balances between £1 and £5,000 from 11 June...
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'Bank of Scotland to cut rate on top-paying current account'
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  • [Deleted User]
    Disappointing news.
  • GingerBob_3
    GingerBob_3 Posts: 3,659 Forumite
    Bloody typical!! Just after I've been pratting around for ever and a day setting up multiple accounts, including joint, trying to get money moving here there and everywhere, and DDs set up.

    Where to next, then?
  • SalarySlave
    I just opened this on Monday. typical. :(
  • colsten
    colsten Posts: 17,597 Forumite
    First Anniversary Photogenic Name Dropper First Post
    "a trick we've featured in the weekly email"

    A trick.?.

    Quietly enjoyed by so many for years.

    Until someone put it on the megaphone.
  • KTF
    KTF Posts: 4,820 Forumite
    First Post Combo Breaker First Anniversary
    Oh well. That will be in the new ISA season anyway so time to stick some cash in a robo fund or similar.
  • Gers
    Gers Posts: 12,086 Forumite
    First Post Photogenic Name Dropper First Anniversary
    Not surprised the interest has been cut but happy enough that the 2% is being applied up to £5,000, unlike others which have restricted the new interest to smaller amounts.

    Swings and roundabouts. Maybe it's time for me to spend some money!
  • eskbanker
    eskbanker Posts: 31,481 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper Photogenic First Post
    hildass1 wrote: »
    I have got the full £15 in BOS
    You might want to put another £14,985 in there while the going's good ;)
  • TheShape
    TheShape Posts: 1,781 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper Combo Breaker First Post
    If rates get any lower I might have to start over paying the mortgage :eek:

    Only kidding :cool:
  • WillPS
    WillPS Posts: 3,555 Forumite
    Newshound! First Post Name Dropper First Anniversary
    Doesn't bode well for the odds of the Tesco account coming back!
  • [Deleted User]
    You can get 2% at Atom Bank for a one year term without the hassle of minimum monthly pay-ins or direct debits. Can't see an upper limit either though you wouldn't want to risk more than the protected £85,000. You only have a 7 day period in which to pay in funds but as you can open as many of these accounts as you like that doesn't really matter.

    Three Santander accounts with £60,000 at 1.5% and a £5 fee or three of these accounts paying 2%? Seems a no brainer.
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