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What games have you finished?

GTR_KingGTR_King Forumite
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What games have you found easy to get Platinum or 1000GS on

I have got platinum on Fifa 16 & Watch dogs 2...

Trying to get 1000GS on titanfall 2


  • ChickabiddybexChickabiddybex Forumite
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    Not easy but I platinumed The Last Of Us.

    I enjoyed it because it had sensible goals like "collect all X" or "open all doors" or "engage in all conversations" which really just forced me to see every corner of the game and see/hear everything it had to offer. Also it made me play on the highest difficulty which made the game 10x better in my opinion. More realistic. There were a few frustrating parts but I love that game dearly, so for every gruelling challenge there was a wonderful reward.

    I'm not a fan of "kill 30 people alternating between guns and fists" because you end up just grinding for hours trying to do it and it's not fun.
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  • donnajunkiedonnajunkie Forumite
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    It is virtually impossible to get all the trophies in a game I find. The best I have done is 80 odd percent. It can be annoying with some games as I can complete some games and have less than 20 percent. I think on one game I only have 4 percent even though I completed it. Of course it is possible to improve it by looking at what you need to do and setting out to do those actions. For example 50 head shots gets a trophy so you spend your time trying to get head shots.
  • artyclartyartyclarty Forumite
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    Before the start of term in my 2nd year at uni. Our house as a whole managed to 100% Lego Star Wars: The Video game in less than a week. Alas not on my xbox account though...
  • avatar; the burning earth. Probably one of the hardest games on the planet to get 1000G :-)
  • Gained platinum on Ratchet & Clank (took a couple of playthroughs), Watch Dogs 2 (a couple of bits I needed to check online guides), and inFamous Second Son (naturally obtained). I have hundreds of games with just a few bronze trophies on them.

    I'm one trophy away from platinum on InFamous (the original on PS3) but it's down to finding a single missing blast shard, and even with a map I can't find it. Things like that make me want to throw the console out of the window.

    The Uncharted franchise is my favourite to play, but getting trophies is a serious grind (gun,grenade,hand-to-hand etc being a particular bug bear of mine). I still play Uncharted 4 multiplayer (I've completed the campaign once), but I've given up on getting the trophies (currently at 27 of 68).
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  • jamie_02jamie_02 Forumite
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    Skyrim on the PS3, got every trophy and reached Level 47. Needed to grind to get Level 50 and therefore the Platinum, so gave up.
    Did anyone play the DLCs? Will they advance my level at all?
  • neolessneoless Forumite
    26 Posts platinum on Fifa 16 & Watch dogs 2...? So Why?
  • tea_lovertea_lover Forumite
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    Skyrim, and one of the earlier ACs (possibly II, or Brotherhood). Think they're the only ones I got 1000G for, although there are others where I've finished the storyline but not got all of the achievements.
  • parking_question_chapparking_question_chap Forumite
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    No idea what platinum means, and GS1000 is a high end headphone.

    I have completed Settlers 2, however.
  • neolessneoless Forumite
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    Prince Of Persia. The last play that long passed, but never went away was assassin's Creed. And the !!!!! was the second part seems.
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