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Great Ways To Save Money And Turn Green Hunt

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  • nejnej Forumite
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    "Great Ways To Save Money And Turn Green"

    Eat nothing but peas.
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    nej wrote: »
    "Great Ways To Save Money And Turn Green"

    Eat nothing but peas.

    :rotfl: :rotfl:
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1780.35 miles
    Walk 2018 miles in 2018...1939.71 miles
    Walk 2019 miles in 2019.....2,038.97 miles :j
    Walk 2020 miles in 2020......717.71 miles
    Make £2020 in 2020.......£613.15
  • Get a carpet sweeper for picking up them enevitable crumbs that your kids drop on the floor instead of having to switch on the vac, also get an old fashioned gas kettle more more efficient
    £2400 mb profit so far since 01/11/08

    !!!!!!!!!I am a scrooge and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dont heat your house in the winter BRRRR
    £2400 mb profit so far since 01/11/08

    !!!!!!!!!I am a scrooge and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Match the size of the ting to the saucepan or you are paying to heat air. Keep a lid on so that contents heat up quicker and stay hotter for longer. Using a pressure cooker or steamer means you can cook several things on one ring. Using a slow cooker means you can make a whole meal with minimal energy.

    Wear an extra layer of clothes rather than turning up the heating.

    Cut up old worn out clothes that are not suitable for the charity shop and use for cleaning cloths

    Every little helps and all that......

    Bigpaws x
  • oh, and most energy suppliers will now offer free or subsidised cavity wall insulation, loft insulation etc. I've just had mine done for nothing through Scottish Power. If yours doesn't offer it then call another supplier even if you don't use them - you might be surprised what they can offer you ;)

    Alternatively, type in your postcode and see what grants are available in your area:

    Bigpaws x
  • Hi Bigpaws,

    I am with Scottish Power.
    Did you qualify for insulation for some special reason, like pleading poverty or having night storage heaters?
    Can you point me in the right direction to Scottish Power's web link or 'phone number.

    Many thanks,

  • Print things off in draft mode - saves ink and less cartridges go to waste!

    Recycle ink cartridges - I do not reccomend the cartex recycling people, took me 6months to get anywhere with them - perhaps tesco @ 100pts per cartridge will be better?

    and ok...its your choice - but save money and Don't carbon offset it makes me hopping mad !! all the suggestions above are so much better for helping the environment compared to c02 offset and green taxes...planting a lonesome tree will not save the planet, and I dont know how companies can claim to offset carbon its not solving the problem

    (and I'm not a cynical fool either, i study climate change and dont deny its happening, just that carbon offsetting is not moneysaving nor helping the environment!)

    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • Hi Harry,

    The number is 0845 601 7836

    Tbh my husband made the call, but we *are* in reciept of income support, so I guess that had some baring on the outcome.

    Take a look at this page for more details:

    open up the form (it takes for ever and a day) fill it in, and see if you can qualify for a grant. Nothing to lose; only a few minutes of your time.

    I was told by someone from the WarmFront team that the pressure was on the govt to provide EVERYONE with cavity wall through energy suppliers and that if your provider wouldn't do it, you should call another one.
    I have no idea how much truth is in this, but it's something worth pursuing, perhaps.

    Also, as we are on Income Support, maybe he only meant people in receipt of certain benefits.

    Don't shoot the messenger :eek:

    Bigpaws x
  • Many thanks big paws. There was a time that every pensioner, including the queen, qualified. But unfortunately, I was not a pensioner then.

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