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Not my car

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SandyB56SandyB56 Forumite
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Ive received a letter in the post from UKCPS saying that I haven't responded to a parking ticket that was stuck on my windscreen in Oct in Leeds. I have never been to Leeds! Is it likely my plate has been cloned. I am at a loss as to what to do as theres no advice on having a ticket that you have never seen and its not your car anyway. Should I just ring UKCPS and explain that it wasnt my car even though the reg is correct? Should I contact Police?


  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    interesting , what date in october
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  • it says 10th Oct at 20.51
  • TiltTilt Forumite
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    No photo on the "NTK"? Does it state make/model/colour?
    My advice should be used as guidance only. You should always obtain face to face professional advice before taking any action.
  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    as the ticket was supposed to be placed on the car UKCPS could not get your info from the DVLA untill 28 days had passed and before 56 days had passed , however UKCPS lost access to the DVLA database from the 18.10 untill approx 18/12

    so if they were banned from access , how did they get your info?

    perhaps the first thing you should do is pen a letter to the DVLA and ask for the date details were requested

    please print this out , fill in the blanks and post , await answer and then return

    Example Letter

    [Your Address]

    DVLA Vehicle Record Enquiries section

    Longview Road



    SA99 1AJ

    Dear Sirs

    Re: VRM AB12 XYZ

    As the Registered Keeper of the above VRM could you advise who has accessed my personal details with regards to this marque, how often and when did the DVLA send the keeper details out. Please advise the information with regards to events between xx/xx/xx/ and xx/xx/xx.

    I understand there is no charge for this information and look forward to your speedy reply.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Registered Keeper

    please do NOT ring UKCPS at this point , await the DVLA before contacting the police
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  • No theres no photo and it doesnt state make or model.
  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    SandyB56 wrote: »
    No theres no photo and it doesnt state make or model.

    see my post above
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  • Thank you for your help. I will certainly do that.
  • It states that if I dont reply they will take me to court. As I live over 300 miles away from Leeds this is the last thing I want to do.
  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    1: there has been a failure by the DVLA
    2: they have told the DVLA lies

    armed with the letter you have stating the date , they may well be in trouble with the DVLA

    and at a later point , when they admit they got the info wrong and ask for the wrong details , you can then ask them nicely for between £250 -£750 for breaching the data protection act
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  • ask UKCPS for the amount for breaking the data protection act?
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