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Landlord Insurance guide discussion


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  • G_M
    G_M Posts: 51,977 Forumite
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    Link not working!

    and when did mse move from supporting consumers to supporting businesses?
  • ashburnham
    What you will find is a lot of people use the term "Landlord Insurance" to describe "Landlord Buildings & Contents Insurance". It is therefore assumed when someone says "Landlord Insurance" that they mean cover for their buildings and/or contents.

    You have to be careful though as Landlord Insurance is actually a very broad term meaning any insurance a Landlord can obtain. Rent Guarantee Insurance is a type of insurance a Landlord can get, as too is Legal Expenses Insurance (another one listed on MSE's guide). These are both types of "Landlord Insurance" per se but are indeed add-ons, extras or even separate insurance policies on top of the standard Buildings Insurance policy.
  • eddddy
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    TBH, maybe just go to other sites which have much better information about insurance for landlords.

    For example:

    As an example, the ARLA page link above clarifies what is generally meant by "Loss of Rent" cover:
    Loss of Rent

    Most policies will compensate you for loss of rent following damage from one of the above perils if the property is uninhabitable usually 20% of the sum insured but some policies are up to 30%. Not to be confused with Rent Guarantee policies - See Rent Guarantee Insurance.
  • Miss_Samantha
    Eviction of squatters. Where a tenant simply won't leave.

    A guide written by someone who apparently knows nothing about the topic...
  • Stillmum
    Comparison site quotes were way higher than new quote from last year's co.
  • MyOnlyPost
    MyOnlyPost Posts: 1,562 Forumite
    G_M wrote: »
    and when did mse move from supporting consumers to supporting businesses?

    Being a landlord is not a business. Money earned from rent is income from capital, not income from work and is treated differently by HMRC. Also what businesses do you know of that cannot offset their borrowing against their turnover when calculating profits? If landlords truly were businesses then the government would not be able to change the rules around offsetting mortgage interest against rental properties which will drive a rise in rents way above the rate of inflation as landlords "pass on" the extra costs.
    Stillmum wrote: »
    Comparison site quotes were way higher than new quote from last year's co.

    I have always found Discount Landlord Insurance to be competitive, 50% cheaper than comparison sites and extra discounts for multiple properties
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  • saver14
    saver14 Posts: 7 Forumite
    Hi, do you have any advice on Rent Guarantee Insurance. I watch programmes like Wont Pay Cant Pay and Slum Landlords Nightmare Tenants and I break out into hot sweats with fear that this sort of thing will happen to me. We completely rely on our rental income to live.
  • BusyBee11
    After all that i just got a "we can't insure you" message from Comparethemarket.
  • NickHollis
    Anyone got any good leads for the above?

    Current insurer won't insure if taking students in as lodgers.
  • Smodlet
    Smodlet Posts: 6,976 Forumite
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    Who trusts Trustpilot/their competitors? I reckon most of those reviews are written by the "businesses" themselves.

    Necro, necro, necro, necro. :cool:
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