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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries September 2016

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Gemzie - have you looked into getting a new job with a council run home, they will be very keen on keeping in line with legislation?

    I have a uu

    Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap 50ml - WNB but would use again.
    Debt Free and now a saver, conscious consumer, low waste lifestyler

    Fashion on the Ration 18/66
  • bingbonbingbon Forumite
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    Gemzie121, I was wondering where you were and then you appeared!
    I'm so angry about how you're being treated. I can't believe the lengths these people are going to try and get rid of a perfectly good employee, it's unacceptable.I wish I had more knowledge of employment law or something that would help you. The only thing I can suggest is that as much as you love your job, it may be time to try looking for something else so you can at least leave and move on on your own terms. Have you thought about getting a different type of job? Given that you have all the stress of your housing situation maybe a job with less responsibility would be good for a little while? Lush are hiring Christmas staff!!

    I can completely understand not wanting to take pills but in the short term they might just help you through this bad patch. It doesn't mean you have to stay on them forever.
    Gemzie121 wrote: »
    Bingbon- what do you think of tramp gel? Im curious about it but not sure if itd be too earthy. And have you seen the leaks of the lush christmas and halloween range? Decided i ansolutely must get snow fairy body conditioner and the twilight scented body lotion! And the new formulation of shoot for the stars looks so good! Pretty much want everything, i just hope i still have a job i can do so i can afford to try some of it!

    I haven't actually used it yet but I like the smell of Tramp. It's a bit like Grass if you've smelt that but a bit deeper. It's definitely earthy though. There's nothing floral, fruity, or sweet. I suppose it's one of the more unisex scents.
    I have seen the leaks! It looks like there's a load more products than last year! I like the sound of the Bubbly shower gel and loads of the bombs and bubble bars. So looking forward to So White being available again! I just hope we get all of it here as the leaks were from American Lush. I'm still annoyed they're discontinuing Pop in The Bath, so I've ordered four with my Kitchen order that should come next week. I hadn't done a Kitchen order for ages and now I've done two in two weeks! I just hope if they're discontinuing things, there will be new things out too.
    BTW, one of the candle companies I like - Candle Belle - have just released a load of new fragrances and some are based on Lush fragrances. One is based on Snow Fairy, one on Lord of Misrule, one on Rose Jam etc. I might try some wax melts to see what they're like!

    Couple of UUs:
    Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. WBA. I really liked this. Quite a fresh scent, made the water feel quite moisturising and left it bright green!
    Celeria Molla Neroli candle. WBA. Really lovely scent, good throw, burnt well. Got this in TK Maxx and would definitely pick it up if it turned up again.
  • A couple of UUs

    Lush ceridwen's cauldron WMBA but not at the moment as rather skint. Love how this makes the bath all moisturising and I quite like the scent but I think my favourite bath melt is dreamtime still.
    Givenchy irresistible perfume sample sachet WNBA wasn't like 'I need this' and I have perfumes already. I think it smelt fresh and florally but I only wore it for the evening and had a bath after I got in.
  • Gemzie sorry to hear the problems have worsened, I hope you have better luck with the legal investigations.

    Another IN of Soap and Glory Endless Glove mini hand cream from my O2 freebie this time. Chucked out Dove Summer Glow, I haven't touched it for nearly 5 years, I'm sure it will be off by now. UU Nivea cashmere moments cream shower gel.
    Debt free and busy treating myself:)

    No more toiletries/make up until I've used what I've got stashed since Jan 2011, graduated October 2012. Restocked Dec 13..damn those sales
  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
    5.3K posts
    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    I have a uu

    Hand Chemistry Hand Cream 50ml - I think it has a fancier name than hand cream but I can't remember it, this came in a beauty box I think, WNB as I noticed no special results.
    Debt Free and now a saver, conscious consumer, low waste lifestyler

    Fashion on the Ration 18/66
  • HermiaHermia Forumite
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    UU) Avene Skin Recovery Skin. WNBA as it is not rich enough for my skin.

    TA) Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm. This came in a gift pack and it is vile. It looks like those awful frosted pink lipsticks that look terrible on pretty much everyone. It certainly looked terrible on me!
  • fixxfixx Forumite
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    2 UUs for me - both ones that have been going a while!

    - Toni&Guy Casual radiating tropical Elixir (hair serum). WPBA - loved this! Have quite a lot of hair serum left in the stash, but this was really lovely. Lightweight and effective.
    - Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche. WPNB. Nice, but not worth the price. Plenty of other cheaper moisturising masks out there that are just as good, or even better.
  • Gemzie, im so sorry to hear about your problems at work. I was bullied out of a job by someone who i thought was a friend (she even helped me get through my divorce before changing to be a complete psychopathic bully!) so I know how it feels. I was heartbroken and terrified at the time but i then found a much better job, with lovely colleagues and a proper support network in place and being bullied out of the other one was the best thing that could have happened to me or i never would have made the jump on my own or pushed myself to find something better. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you will find another job and you will find somewhere where you are treasured for the wonderful person you are.

    I was also offered antidepressants but i hate them so refused to take them. thankfully i had a wonderful GP who completely understood and offered to sign me off sick if they wouldn't let me take annual leave so i could have some breathing space to figure out a plan. i got right on it and within three weeks i had another job offer at a wonderful firm with a salary offer that was double what i was on at the old one. if i hadn't had the "push" i never would have even considered applying elsewhere or even looking as i thought i wasn't worth it. being forced to get out there and push myself and actually recognise my worth was the best thing the universe could have done for me at that point. Since then, I've gone from that small high street law firm, to a medium sized regional and using the same principles i learnt then of just going for it as i know the worst that can happen and I've got through it already, I've since moved again and i'm now at a silver circle firm (rung below the humongous city firms). if you'd have told me at that point when i was sat at home thinking my life was literally over where i'd be today, i wouldn't have believed you and thought it was just never going to happen and you were talking about the wrong person.

    if you want to talk to me, i'm here xx
    No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries!
  • I'm in again even though i'm a bit late, its our wedding next month so wedding prep has slightly taken over my life at the moment!

    I have some INs, I went to a Bareminerals event at the Trafford Centre and got the new foundation, brush and the concealer. also got freebies of the serum and a mini lipstick. Also got urban decay eye primer as i had a debenhams voucher to spend.

    got some magazine free gifts too so have the Neals Yard body lotion, Ciate nail polish and the Organic Pharmacy Lip balm.

    Urban Decay sample eye primer - new HG and already repurchased
    Sheila Natural Products mini moisturiser - This was in last months vegan kind. its ok but nothing special.
    Bare minerals foundation - HG and have more in the stash

    GA of Bareminerals mascara to the OH. she's finally twigged she might need to wear some makeup for the wedding and is slowly entering the beauty halls. Selfridges terrified her during the week!!
    No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries!
  • shed35shed35 Forumite
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    My weekly update

    Avon Suncare Face Cream Protection SPF50
    Avon Nutraeffect Facial Scrub
    Simple Kind to Sking Cleansing Lotion
    M&S Garden Soap x 2

    L'Occitane Lavender Clean Hand Gel
    Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil
    Avon Premium De Luxe Parfum

    Total = 100

    Major to stays the same even though I had my Avon Delivery
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