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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries September 2016

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • I'm back from holiday with a few empties:

    Nivea Crem! 75ml - This came in a blue metal pot. I've had this for over 8 years as it's hard to find a use for it but on holiday it was great for skin issues relating to the sun and for spots. I had a little bit left and I was able to use it up. I have one other Nivea (50ml pot) in the stash.
    Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion 50ml - I got this in a 3 for 2 with other S&G from clearance shelves. As ever I love the smell of S&G but I didn't like the packaging so much as I prefer tubs. WDBA as the size is great for travel.
    The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree 60ml - I bought this in a charity shop. It has a great formula for warmer weather - nice and light. I would definitely consider buying again but I'll stick with the stash for now.
    Beauty Formulas Radiate & Glow Brightening Facial Mask sachet - See below
    Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask sachet - Both facial masks felt good on my skin and not bad to try as they were cheap. I'd say I noticed more difference with the brightening facial mask but I'm not sure if they did enough to make me buy them again. They are great fun though! It's the first time I'd used sheet masks.

    I don't have a PP list yet but I'll be targeting my current shower gel, body scrub, body spray, hand creams and body lotions. I hope to also use up my current hair conditioner and some travel minis I didn't quite get to the bottom of.

    INs from the holiday were two foot creams (found a good value one that was very good and bought an extra one); Evoluderm rose toner (love the idea of a rose toner and this was less than 2 euros); locally made bar of soap (this was definitely more impulsive); Evoluderm Argan & Oenethera body oil and two Milani eye shadow pencils (tried one out on holiday and it had good wear so I bought another one).
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  • bingbonbingbon Forumite
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    Few more UUs
    6. Charles Worthington Thick and Stronger Conditioner. WDNBA EVER! This whole range is terrible. I absolutely hated it. It took three times as long to rinse out as any other conditioner - even deep treatment types and made my hair really dry and matted.
    7. Loewe Madrid Cool perfume sample. WNB. Quite nice, fresh scent but didn’t last long.
    8. Gucci Guilty perfume sample. WNB. Not my sort of scent at all.
    9. Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme perfume sample. WMB.
    10. Balance Me Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser. I liked this but not sure it’s any better than the No7 cream cleanser which you can often get on offer/with voucher. I’d happily have it again in a beauty box or as a free gift with a magazine, which i think is where I got it.

    A TA too. Ole Henriksen Youth Activating Oil. Got in a beauty box. When I first used it I thought it was ok. Then I forgot about it. When I got it out again it had gone very sticky and gloopy so I've binned it.

    And INs
    1. Lush Tramp Shower Gel - Have wanted to try this for ages and it came out in the Kitchen last week.
    2. Lush Sakura Bath Bomb - love this and couldn't resist adding it to the above order.
    3. Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara - Sample size, came free when I ordered a brush.
    4. The Body Shop Aloe Body Butter - Good offer on again. I got 40% off, 7% cashback through TCB and then - hopefully - 10% cashback through an offer on my bank.
    5. The Body Shop Smoky Plum Eyeshadow Quad - I really researched this online and found reviews/swatches etc but I'm a little bit disappointed with it initially. I have only swatched it though so hopefully it will be better on actual application.

    I've done another Lush Kitchen order which won't arrive until next week and there is a limited edition Sleek eyeshadow palette I might get when I go into town. Then I really need to pull my finger out and find some willpower. This is not how I expected this month to start at all! :)
  • TreasurequeenTreasurequeen Forumite
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    One IN a a free 5ml sample of a new natural fragrance.
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  • Can a toiletry loving newbie join in a bit late to the party?

    I can do so more properly next month but for now:

    2x Nivea in-shower moisturiser sachets 9ml WNBA
    Got a bunch of these free at a gym where I was doing a free trial (so MSE!) I don't really get it to be honest my skin felt quite nice after but it seems to take nearly as long to do as just regular moisturising also sachets only did legs so think it would get used up quickly.
    Nuxe toner (pink bottle think it's rose something) WBA really liked this not cheap though and could probably do nearly as good a job with rose water. Felt lovely and fresh though and seemed to last well.
    Dr. Ceuticals Bottom Lift and tone WMBA can't decide with this lovely and cooling but didn't use regularly enough to notice differences, so feel a bit tighter on application but also a bit sticky until sinks in. Not very moisturising and doesn't feel luxurious more functional. Might buy again if on offer but I'm lazy with these kinds of products.

    Some naughty step worthy ins. Cult beauty are doing a big freebie so I ordered a Kypris serum as I've always wanted to try, as well as Alpha H Liquid Gold and an Oskia Cleanser because I had there other one and loved it but this is more of a balm and I love cleansing balms.

    Some good free ins
    Via sister and mother who were having clear out:
    BB city swept hair spray
    Lush cauldron bath melt
    2x lush bubble bars think they are French kiss and some other pink one
    Lush Twilight shower gel 100g
    Lush Loved and light hand cream 55g
    Lush rub rub shower scrub 130g
    Gorgeous moisturer sample

    From friend Gatineau aqua memory face mask 75ml

    From space Nk Sunday Riley and Oskia cleansing balm samples to try

    Phew that's a lot of ins but most were free!!

    I will do a proper stash organise and count soon. I'm not too bad with hair and body but have a million skincare samples to get through.
  • bingbonbingbon Forumite
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    Sixth Anniversary 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Welcome Houseplant26! The more the merrier!
    Good luck :)
  • bingbon wrote: »
    Welcome Houseplant26! The more the merrier!
    Good luck :)

    Thanks so much!!

    I'm loving reading everyone's reviews of items it's such a helpful way to think about what you buy and put a bit more time and care into it.

    I have another UU thanks to my shower this morning.

    Lush rose jam shower gel 100g gifted in a set to me. WMBA I found the smell became fainter during its life (UU in date I think) and lush is pretty expensive, although I love that it's kind to the planet and more ethical than most brands.

    Oh and one other UU if forgotten about from yesterday. I had a tiny sample of a khiels daytime face oil. WNBA as I prefer my Emma Hardie brilliance fail oil also have about a third of this left at the moment.

    To the people talking about acid toners earlier (think it was this months thread) both pixie and first aid pads (forget the name) are great. I've ordered liquid gold to try.

    Love and suds
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    asset2004asset2004 Forumite
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    popping in quickly to say I a UU (well actually a TA) - small pot of fcuk body cream. Really disappointed it has gone off :( as it's one of my favourite scents. I don't think it helped sitting on the bathroom window sill and it gets a lot of sun.
    I still have a large tub stashed under my bed :o
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    Gemzie121Gemzie121 Forumite
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    Hi everyone im a bit late to the party i know but been very busy. We were forced out of our house 2 weeks ago and as our new house isnt ready to move into yet (still no completion or moving date) we are at my mums friends house an hour away, just want to be in my own house :( all my stuff is in a storage comtainer currently. Hence my pp list is mostly samples at the moment :-/

    With my work, i had my meeting. Explained how i could manage most roles at my current care home that ive worked at 5 years and my preference was there. They decided with no warning or notice to send me to the kitchen at the much bigger (and i mean bigger, its massive) and busier sister home that is miles away (new house is only 10 min from my old care home, thats why we bought it!) i did a shift there the other day as i turned up for a shift at old care home and was told to get my !!! straight to the sister one and that it was to be my new work place, but it was clear that it was a completely unsuitable adjustment and my gp agrees they are bullying me into resigning by setting me up to fail. The kitchen is huge and heavy industrial equipment and a lot of cleaning to do. The floor is constantly oily and slippery with several staff in there. At my old care home it was a tiny kitchen, only ever 2 staff at most, a normal kitchen with normal equipment youd find at home and little cleaning - mostly food prep and drinks rounds. The care home they have sent me to is far too big and busy for me and i cried the whole day which was embarassing as i just wanted my old care home, my colleagues and my residents back. Hated every minute and felt so lost and frightened of falling. And i was in physical pain after the shift, something ive not had at my old job. I did 8 hours with no break and its up and down stairs to the loo, there was no risk assessment as no one knew i was disabled and i was too afraid to complain. Just want to be at my old care home where i feel safe and im more efficient as i know what to do there. There is so much change going on at the moment i cant mentally cope with it, i needed something to stay the same as ive lost everything else and ive had thoughts of just ending things because i feel so hurt and let down. It wasnt just a job to me, it was so much more and the care home i knew and loved felt like a retreat i could go to and just feel like me and forget about my problems. I never dreaded going in. But i cant stand the thought of going back to the sister care home, i dont fit in at all and its so much driving, and i just do not like it there at all. And im so scared of hurting myself there because its too much for me to manage mentally and physically. I want to work - i want my job back!! Im seeing solicitor tomorrow to see where i stand on this. Saw gp today and she agrees its not a safe place for me to be and shes signed me off sick for 2 weeks to give me time to get a plan in place regarding my job. Shes also diagnosed me with depression and ive been given anti depressents, but i dont feel like pills will fix everything, i just need my job back as it was keeping me sane and im heartbroken :(

    Anyway enough of my pity party :(

    I have some uus that were from end of last month/beginning of this month to report, so thar i dont lose track of where im up to:

    Lush rose jam shower gel 100g- WBA loved this, the smell is divine and lingers on the skin. Lasts a long time too as you only need a little. Lathers up ok and is a decent consistency. Got more of this in stash.

    Radox fresh 48 hour roll on deodorant - WBA nice smell and did the job.

    Lush beautiful shower gel sample - WBA love the smell of this and its such a pretty coloured gel. Decent consistency, lathers up well and the scent lingers. Got more of this in stash as full size.

    Herbal essences shimmering colour raspberry hibiscus & ylang ylang conditioner 400ml-WBA lovely smell and does the job well.

    Nivea pearl & beauty spray deodorant - WBA nice scent and did the job.

    OPI coconut melon hand & body lotion 30ml- WBA lovely scent. This is a little on the watery side but i found it refreshing on a hot day.

    X 6 u u

    PP list
    [STRIKE]1. Lush karma kream sample[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]2. Lush so white shower gel 100g
    3. Lush dont rain on my parade shower gel sample
    4. Avon far away roll on deodorant[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]5. Dove soft feel deodorant spray[/STRIKE]
    6. Sensodyne toothpaste
    7. Asda whitening mouthwash
    8. Lush key lime lip balm sample
    9. Lush elbow grease moisturising bar sample
    10. M&S peach & almond body butter 200ml
    [STRIKE]11. Lush imogen rose solid perfume sample[/STRIKE]
    12. Lush heavenly bodies sample
    13. Lush love & light hand cream sample
    14. Lush enzymion facial moisturiser sample
    15. Lush gorgeous facial moisturiser 10g
    16. Lynx attract for her deodorant body spray
    [STRIKE]17. Lush comforter shower cream sample[/STRIKE]
    18. Sure cotton dry roll on deodorant
    19. Johnsons face wipes (pale blue packet)

    On the plus side, because i am of no fixed abode currently i have had NO ins on the toiltries front which is a real first for me. Im starting to learn that its not the end of the world missing out. My friend has said she is sending me a welcome to your new home package of lush when i eventually move i though :p and i will need to pick up some more toothpaste and deodorants soon too as im running out and all of mine are in storage :(

    Bingbon- what do you think of tramp gel? Im curious about it but not sure if itd be too earthy. And have you seen the leaks of the lush christmas and halloween range? Decided i ansolutely must get snow fairy body conditioner and the twilight scented body lotion! And the new formulation of shoot for the stars looks so good! Pretty much want everything, i just hope i still have a job i can do so i can afford to try some of it!
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    UUs for 2018: In's:
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    mrs-moneypennymrs-moneypenny Forumite
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    Sorry to hear of your continuing problems at work gemzie, is there another board on here that can give you advice on how to deal with the bullying and harassment you are being subjected to at work?

    I've got 6 TAs
    A pot of silver glitter powder
    A half used pot of lippy
    A silver highlighter
    A half used purple/silver powder eye shadow
    Shocking pink lip pencil
    Scratchy eyeliner pencil

    All are ancient, half used and are much too young for me.
    SPC~12 ot 124

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  • gemmajenkins0208gemmajenkins0208 Forumite
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    I have some UU's :o

    Simple eye makeup remover pads - UU. Glad to see the back of these. Had 2 or 3 packs floating around for ages unused and in the end I just used them every morning and evening for cleansing my eye area only.
    Wilko functional face wipes - UU. Nice enough just for a simple wipe in the mornings and evenings, but now all my wipes are all gone I'm going to get into the habit of washing my face every morning and evening at the sink with warm water and face wash.
    FCUK for her
    Lady Gaga fame fragrance
    Osmo Effects detoxifying shampoo
    Adidas firming shower gel
    Gillette shave foam
    Johnson's baby powder
    Billie Faiers body wash
    Billie Faiers body lotion
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