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Need advice for baby's diet



  • onlyroz
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    A 2-year-old is not a baby and so you don't want baby recipes - you need to learn how to cook regular healthy meals in sensible portion sizes.
  • Kaye1
    Kaye1 Posts: 538 Forumite

    Can i order that book,online?? I have find some articles like babynology.com/parenting-advice/baby_food_healthy_choices.html
    Can you tell me whether that type of articles are helpful for me, As they provide useful information or not?? Can you tell me name of some more books that provides proper and useful information about baby's and baby's food?? :o:(

    Amazon have got the full range and your local library will have some too. She also has a very useful website, which has recipes on it too.
  • Tigsteroonie
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    Ask your GP/health visitor to refer you to a Dietitian for more help.
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  • gayleygoo
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    My local library has some books on cooking for toddlers and older children. You don't need a baby book as a 2 year old can eat pretty much anything. There are lots of resources online that show you what portion sizes are for children of different ages, and the different nutritional requirements they need.

    Any dairy products your son eats should be full-fat. Skimmed milk and low fat yogurts are not nutritional enough (occasionaly fine, but mostly he should have full fat).

    I'm not clear on what the problem is. Will he not eat healthy food, will he not eat anything, or does he seem to eat fine but just isn't growing much? Your health visitor should be able to help with most of these issues or refer you to someone who can. Keep a diary of what he eats and his activity levels, so you can discuss it with health professionals. It's hard for anyone on here to give advice because we know even less than you do about what your child eats and how his general health seems to be.

    When my son was about 2 it was a nightmare to get him to eat much of anything, I felt so frustrated and cried my way through washing the dishes after many mealtimes because he just wouldn't touch the food I'd lovingly prepared! He lived on Nutella sandwiches and grapes for quite some time, but my HV wasn't too worried and said he'd grow out of it, and told me to give him Vitamin chewies so that at least he was getting something. He's 6 now, still skinny and still not a great eater, but we've relaxed about it and he's open to trying new things once in a while.

    I'd be happy to try to help you out more if you can give more details on what the problem is, if it's just fussy eating etc, but in the meantime, take him along to your health visitor for professional advice.

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  • ViolaLass
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    Who looks after your child during the day? Are they at nursery? What food are they getting there? Is it good enough? If so, can you copy it?
  • FluffityBunny
    Our little one eats what we eat but we puree it down a little for her . If we have beef stew, korma curry, squash risotto then so does she. A slow cooker is a great way of making meals for the whole family, I bung in loads of veggies along with meat. Of course there are days she refuses the food but the next time we make it she loves it.
  • Kynthia
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    Please see your health visitor if you're concerned or want advice. They are still there to help and will even be arranging a 2/2.5 year check at some point.

    You can get books on toddler nutrition. I think a toddler shouldn't fill up on too many fruits, veg and grains as they need room to be eating enough good fats, calcium and protein essential fir their rapid growth. Thry still need them but the ratios might differ to older children and adults. Plus calcium should all be full fat versions if possible. As long as you keep the salt levels down then you can home cook most things you would eat for a 2 year old. Macaroni cheese, homemade burgers with sweet potato mash/wedges, meatballs and pasta, fish pie, lasagne, etc are all good (some find beef mince to tough at this age and pork/turkey/lamb might be preferable). Plus for snacks/lunch you can do crumpets and jam, cream cheese sandwich, hummus and veg/breadsticks, beans on toast, etc. Advacado is nutritious and full of good fats, so mash some (maybe with mash banana) as a sandwich filing or dip. Low sugar peanut butter is good too, maybe on toast as a quick breakfast or in a sandwich for lunch. Cooking from scratch is often cheaper than paying for toddler meals and snacks and probably healthier, but tge toddler ready meals are designed for them so aren't bad for those days you haven't the time or anything prepared. A 2 year old may need a little extra with them though as some aren't filling enough for that age.
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  • trenttsullivan
    Well! family doctor would give you the best advice.
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