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Hey ya people, I want your help as my baby is 2 years old and he is not growing well. He is not even looking alike 2 years old and that all things happens just because of his diet. As i am working mother and don't get so much time for him , so i just want some perfect food ideas , food products or any thing by which his body starts growing well and also that food items are present with reasonable prices and with in my budget and also helps him to gain his weight. Please help!! :(:cool::cool:


  • Your GP would be the best person to ask.
  • Yep, you need to see your GP, who can advise or refer on to paediatrics.
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    Yes, speak to your baby's GP. There might be an underlying medical reason why he is not growing well, and if not, your GP will be able to help you with advice about appropriate diet.

    How long has this been an issue? When did your son last see a doctor or health visitor?
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  • As others have said, it is important to see your GP if your child is not growing. It would be helpful for your doctor if you take a food diary, showing what your child does eat. If your child refuses anything, or will only eat a certain type of food, let the doctor know. This will help him to establish whether it is a medical problem or a poor diet.

    It might be that you are referred to a dietician or paediatrician, or that food supplements are prescribed. You might have to arrange regular weight checks. A dietician might give you a meal plan to follow. All of this is to help you and your child.

    If time is a factor in preparing meals for your son, you can give him the same things as you eat. You could batch cook at the weekends or in the evenings when your son is in bed - a decent sized freezer is handy.
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    Do you just serve him what you eat? Are you veggies?
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    Sorry, but I went back to work when my son was a little over 1 and I knew everything he'd eaten in the day through nursery - food types and how much of it - so you need to speak to your childcare provider, that's not an excuse.

    Proper meals and plenty of them, including protein, carbs and vegetables, will mean weight gain. Regular snacks of good fats, calcium and carbs help too. My son loved celery with soft cheese and a banana, cookie and glass of milk as a snack, for example.

    The first thing you need to do is see your health visitor, have your son weighed and measured and take it from there.
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    I found the Annabel Karmel books to be a great help. And get him checked out by the midwife team.
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    A 2-year-old should be eating whatever you're eating, so if your diet is good then so will theirs. But if there is a concern see your GP or health-visitor.
  • Thank you so much for your advice. But my diet is absolutely proper and fine. But my baby :( , he is not eating well. I am seriously getting fed up and depressed. I have concerned with my doctor , he gives some syrups and products for him , but he is not even take them. Now, i don't know , what to do.:( :eek: :o
  • @Kaye1

    Can i order that book,online?? I have find some articles like
    Can you tell me whether that type of articles are helpful for me, As they provide useful information or not?? Can you tell me name of some more books that provides proper and useful information about baby's and baby's food?? :o:(
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