Choosing a name?

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    In the times last week there was some luvvie extolling the virtues of his Cavapoochon....aaargh, that he bought from a hobby breeder. So a mongrel from a backstreet breeder

    The poor thing probably has an increased chance of heart problems, as MVD is rife in poodle and cavalier lines. I don't know about bichon health issues.
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    A golden retriever /poodle cross is 50% retriever and 50% poodle

    A golden retriever/golden retriever cross/poodle is 75% retriever and 25% poodle

    Those trying to establish a new breed back cross to the original breeds used hoping to establish a consistent breeding line that the KC will recognise.

    In the best case scenario, perhaps.

    In reality with back yard breeders, it means they're somewhere between 'the two names together sound cute so I can charge more for them' and 'maybe the KC will recognise the line so I can charge more for future litters'.

    With a side order of 'I hope this doesn't go the same way as Staffie crosses, where they ended up larger and regarded by the law as being of Pit Bull Type' (whilst breeding and selling them specifically because they were Pit Bull type).
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
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