Choosing a name?

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    A friend named her female dog Cara. It means 'beloved' in Latin and 'friend' in Irish.
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    My pets all have unusual names. I wanted to name them something different so I never heard another pet with the same name. So far I haven't!

    But if I was to get a dog now they'd have a human name. Mabel for a girl and Colin for a boy (because for some reason I think that's hysterical).

    My eldest dog had his name within ten minutes of arriving home. My youngest dog had about a hundred names over three months and nothing suited him at all. My little cousin named him in the end.

    I'd wait until you get her home and see what suits.
  • Feral_MoonFeral_Moon Forumite
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    I really hate it when dogs have human names. I don't know why but it just seems wrong. I once rescued a Rottie and he was called Adam!!! How can you call a huge beast of a dog Adam? As he was getting on in life I didn't feel it appropriate to change it but I never liked calling him by his name :o

    My current dog has a very unusual name, but one which suits him perfectly. I chose it several days after I got him as a puppy after contemplating several different names. I can't tell you what is though as it would identify me to anyone reading who might know me. I've never come across any other dog (or other animal) with the same name.
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    Another vote for waiting until you've got the pup home for a few days.. Something always suggests itself when you start getting to know each other. :)

    Well done for choosing a cross-bred pup, but please please don't be tempted to breed from her - there are just too many mutts languishing in shelters!
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    My latest dog told me his name:

    I'd posted his litter photo on a forum and noticed that he was looking straight at the camera.

    'Teddy' came into my head and at the same time a forum friend posted that he should be Teddy.... and Teddy he is except when one of his nicknames is used .
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    Heinz is a good name for a mongrel. (And I have absolutely nothing against mongrels, by the way.)

    for similar reasons, my mum's childhood dog was called Mix
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    What's a golden doodle btw?
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    Mine have all picked their names too we call them each name a few times and see which one gets a reaction. Plus it's better to wait and see what their personality is like. My friends dog has quite a tough name and Is a total wimp lol
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