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I just wondered how much on average people pay monthly on a water meter. I live alone in a two bedroom semi and work full time. I have today received another increase in the direct debit but feel that I am careful with water usage.


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    Water and sewerage charges vary tremendously across the country. Some water companies charge over three times as much as other water companies.

    It is also dependant on whether you are charged for Surface Water Drainage(SWD) or not; some people can claim relief from that charge.

    You need to look at your bill and check your water consumption - the average for a single person is approx. 60 cubic metres(m3) a year
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    Funnily enough I just got my water bill this morning. I live alone in a 2 bed semi in the Anglian Water areas and don't make any special effort to save water. My direct debit has just gone up from £23 to £26 per month. My usage over the last 12 months was 60 m3.

    Maybe I could use less water - I use the dishwasher more often than I should and I prefer a bath to a shower but £26 per month doesn't seem that bad and any saving would only be a few quid a month. I'm not going to give up my baths for that.
  • I am in the west Midlands. Two of us in a three bed semi. We don't make any effort to conserve water.

    I am currently paying £19 per month on a meter as opposed to the £55.00 that I was paying.
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    I pay £23 and am in Staffordshire. Thanks for your replies it has given me some ideas and I will check my consumption on the bill. I don't go over the top with conserving water usage but it seemed to have increased quite a lot.
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    If your calculations show that the DD should remain the same tell them. I have done this several times as they try to increase the DD. Actually, I did agree to the sewerage DD be increased from £12/month to £13/month as the calculation showed the last 12 months average was £12.65. I take meter readings regularly.

    Good luck,
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    Don't want to read and run. Ask them to lower the amount if you feel it is too high for your usage
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    I live in Yorkshire, there's just me & my husband in a 2 bed semi.
    We pay £9 a month DD for our water.

    When we had the meter installed in December 2014 they started us off on £28 as they didn't know what our usage would be. When our bill/review came around some months later we were in credit by a fair bit.
    So they slashed it to £9. Transferring to a water meter has been the best thing for us as we were paying £32 per month on the normal water rates.
    We try to do our bit to save on water & it's certainly paying off.
    I also send meter readings once a month too.
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    When we lived in London under Thames Water we paid about £24 a month. We moved out to Essex and am now paying about £70 a month. We have to pay one provider for water and another for sewage. Utter rip off why water should cost this much.
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    Also in Essex, consumed 64 cu.m last year. Just two of us in semi-detached house. Combined cost about £27 per month, but paid half-yearly. Water from E&SW, Sewerage to Anglian. I think we are quite economical on water consumption.
  • I pay £25.00 per month two bed new build{work full time two adults /Dishwasher etc - I canceled the direct debit and requested a payment card and pay online /over the phone using my credit card which gives me more Air-miles.Did the same with Council tax pay using my card and rack AM for these boring bills
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