Carphone warehouse lost my phone. What are my rights?

Last month i took my phone on for repair and they've basically lost my phone, along with four others.
I emailed customer services and they don't seem to be doing anything about it!
Here is my email:

I feel the need to complain about the *** branch. I'm normally a fairly easy-going person, as will be illustrated by the first part of my email, but I have reached a point where I feel an official complaint is necessary. In Oct 2015, I wanted to renew my contract with O2, but to get the cheapest deal, Felix (at ***) informed me that I would have to change my number. This was fine, but he also led me to believe that, as both contracts were with O2, it would swap over and that I wouldn't need to cancel my previous contract. I specifically asked what would happen to my old number and Felix said that I could just start using my new number. However, after Christmas I was contacted by O2 asking me if I wanted to upgrade. It was then that I realised that had been paying for both contracts! I wasn't too happy about this, but didn't pursue it. On 11th June 2016, I took my Sony compact Z3 into the shop as the seal around where I plug my phone in was broken. Felix dealt with me. He told me that it was pointless him sending it off - I should contact Sony to ask for a replacement. So, I left the shop and contacted Sony. However, Sony told me to take it back to the shop. So, later that afternoon, I returned to the shop (paying for parking in town again). This time I was dealt with by Mark. He wasn't keen to raise the repair and was getting increasingly agitated. He asked Felix for advice on several occasions, but Felix avoided helping him as much as he could, offering a brief comment here and there and “busying himself” around the counter. Mark was clearly becoming frustrated as he couldn’t find the right code in order to raise the complaint. Eventually, he phoned customer services and was told what to do. He continued inputting information into the computer and then it crashed… He got quite angry at this and turned around nearly punching the cabinet behind him. He then filled out the forms again, stomping on the keyboard as he typed and muttering to himself. I felt increasingly uncomfortable, Eventually, he got it to work. If I’m honest, although I was intimidated by him, I felt sorry for him as he was clearly in over his depth and wasn’t receiving any advice from his more experienced colleague. I knew that his actions were completely out of order for someone dealing with customers, but as I felt a bit sorry for him, I didn’t pursue it. On Saturday 2nd July, I went in to ask when my phone would be returned. I was informed that it had been lost! Lucy dealt with me, apologising and saying that there was nothing she could do and that I would have to phone customer services. Meanwhile, she took number, promising she’d phone the people who’d lost it on Monday morning and let me know if it had been found. I was obviously very upset. When I’d left my phone in the first instance, I’d asked Felix if it would be wiped and he said that it wouldn’t as it was only the casing that would need fixing.Therefore, I had not backed up my photos, personal data etc. On Monday, Lucy didn’t call. That evening, I phoned Customer Services and spoke to Jill who said that as the phone had never reached the repair centre, it was the shop that was responsible so I should return to the shop (yet again). On Wed 6th July, I went back to the shop and was told by Felix that it had all been sorted: they’d phoned customer services on Monday and vouchers were being sent to the shop so that all 5 people who'd lost their phones could get a replacement. He said this would take about 48 hrs so should be here soon. I asked if they would contact me when the voucher arrived to which Felix replied “of course; we’ve got your contact details, so we’ll be in touch as soon as we get it.” I then pointed out that they hadn’t contacted me when the phone had gone missing in the first place or, indeed to inform me about the vouchers, which would have saved me a needless trip. He then said that due to data protection, he couldn’t contact me in the first instance, because they’d had no idea whose phones had gone missing. ??? It is now Sun 10th July. I’ve still not been contacted by the store to say that there is a voucher there for my phone. In essence: • Communication is terrible. As a customer, I feel totally uniformed about what is going on; • I’ve had several wasted trips (paying for parking) trying to resolve this; • I’ve lost all the data, photos, memories, personal info etc on my phone • On top of all this, I’ve been using an old phone (for which I had to pay for a “sim adaptor” so that my sim card would fit in it). This is an inconvenience as the phone is old and slow, so I’ve been struggling for the last month. • I was also out of pocket in the first place because I was led to believe that I didn’t need to cancel my old contract with the same provider (even when I asked). • On top of this, I was dealt with inappropriately by an angry staff member and was aghast that the other staff in the store did very little to support him. As you can see, I’m bitterly disappointed by the service that I’ve received in this store and I certainly will not return to the *** branch again (except to collect my voucher). I am also tempted to post on social media about the terrible mess they have caused. On Wednesday 12th, I phoned customer services to complain about the store and spoke to Morgan, who was very helpful. She logged my complaint with reference number ***. I asked if I could also submit my complaint in writing as it was quite a long story and she said I could do it online. And, as you can see, there’s more to add as I still have not been contacted by the store. To be honest, I’m also wondering if the five phones have been reported to the police as, if they were “lost” they would undoubtedly be “found”, so I’m assuming they have been stolen. I would appreciate an answer to this complaint, along with some compensation for how I have been treated by the *** store, before I take this complaint further.

They emailed back saying they've asked the store to process a delivery discrepancy, which they haven't yet done.

I've been into the store and they tell me that they've been onto customer services about it every day, but customer services are doing nothing.

I've been without my phone for a month now and am very frustrated.

What can I say or do that might have an impact? Should I report it to the police myself?

Thanks in advance


  • JJ_Egan
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    If the shop have lost it then its nothing to do with the police .

    Your post is very very difficult to follow and has far to much detail .
  • DCFC79
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    Have you asked them what they are going to do about it ?
  • indesisiv
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    Sorry gave up half way through that as it was too hard to follow.

    Keep it short.
    Ring them and find out what they are doing about it.
    If that doesn't meet what you expect ask them how to make a formal complaint.
    Follow the process to make a formal complaint.

    Putting your life story into an email to them won't get you anywhere as it is so hard to figure out what happened.

    Maybe bullet point the relevant bits.
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  • d123
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    Sorry, couldn't read the wall of text you dumped in the OP, but if they lost your phone they owe you a comparable handset.
  • d70cw6
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    holy mother of paragraphs batman!
  • Exemplar
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    d70cw6 wrote: »
    holy mother of paragraphs batman!

    Don't worry boy grammar, we can jump in the paragraphmobile and solve this riddle!
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  • ballyblack
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    Have pity on Carphone having to read this!
  • Ian011
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    edited 13 July 2016 at 8:09PM
    Someone (Head Office or Store) will have to raise a voucher to pay for a replacement phone. They will both not want to do it as it affects their figures.

    There is no physical voucher, it's just a long Authorisation Code that works for one particular customer for a specific sum of money.

    They may also try to fob you off with a refurbished handset as it has a lower cost. At the end of the day, they have to replace the unit as they lost it.

    The loss may be that it has accidentally been sent to another store and may yet turn up, or someone in the chain has been light-fingered and made off with it.
  • mobilejunkie
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    The latter wouldn't do them much good if it was a CPW repair.
  • djpailo
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    Is it possible you can rewrite this in a few bullet points? Its difficult to read at the moment.
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