MSE News: Plusnet hits customers with price increase - how to beat the hikes



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    Yeah they just offered the same to me via online chat. The BT deal is far too good to pass up really, and as PN is owned by BT anyway, it should be much the same performance wise.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Agreed although if Quidco cashback doesn't get paid, I'd be worse off so tempted by the SSE deal too.
  • WSO
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    Has anybody attempted to haggle yet? I've been looking at the current BT deals, and after the reduced price, the £100 Mastercard and Quidco's £140 cashback, I'd basically be saving £300 off the cost of what I'm currently paying PN for the year.

    Can't imagine they'd be able to get anywhere close to matching that.
    I've just managed to get Plusnet Unlimited for £1.99 for the next 18 months, seems like they've matched the new customer offering, only as I'm about halfway through a line saver rental (contract ran out years ago - so it was the only thing keeping me there), I've only got to buy another line saver in Nov to take me through to the end of the contract.

    Compared to the Post Offices offering of 12 month free then £8, and doing at least one line saver - it still worked out cheaper.

    That's £9 a month I've just saved myself for the next 18 month anyway.

    As a plus (pun intended) I was only on the phone half an hour, and most of that was going through detail... not sure where the 15 min waiting times they warned of were. They seem pretty on the ball considering I was expecting them to be busier, or perhaps I've just beaten the rush...

    I'm happy! :beer:
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  • WSO
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    What happens with my line rental saver - I've paid upfront for a year to save money on the line rental - will I get a pro-rata refund if I leave due to these price rises?
    Probably not, I was told I'd lose about £78 worth of credit if I left, however if you go into a new contract now (as I've just done), the penalties are adjusted to reflect any prepayments you have made.

    Obviously the Plusnet rep would be able to clarify your personal situation for you before doing so.
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    Signed up to BT via Quidco last night and was happy to see the earliest activation date is a day before the Plusnet month ticks over, so that's worked out nicely.

    I have become a little confused by the Quidco offerings though. I just took the bundled weekend calls package and didn't pay for any extras (evenings and weekends, or any-time calls) because we never really use our landline. Does that still count as "Broadband & Calls" as far as Quidco is concerned? I'd assume yes, but a Quidco rep I just spoke to thinks I'd only be eligible for the "Solus Broadband" rate. Meanwhile, a BT rep has insisted that you can't actually get Solus Broadband any more, but when it was available it was purely a broadband-only package with no phone service whatsoever. Naked broadband, as they call it in Oz.

    Any thoughts? My rough calculations say it would've worked out better to pay £3.50/month for the evenings and weekends package and get £140 cashback than to not get the calls package but only £110 cashback, though now I think that may be wrong (pre-coffee brain). Anyway, hoping what I've chosen qualifies for the £140...
  • command
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    Are there any other providers that offer a cheaper "broadband only" deal?
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