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  • Lance_De_Boils
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    robin58 wrote: »
    The people saying that Sainsbury's basic stuffing doesn't taste nice. I think it was about 18 months ago that they changed the recipe and reduced the sage in it considerably.

    I stopped buying it then and brought Sainsbury's next own brand up as it worked out as just the same price weight for weight when you brought the 140 gram packet.

    Used to love the Paxo stuffing but as I have grown older I find that it's a bit too powerful in the 'flatulence' department. :eek:

    There is only so many times you want to pick up the duvet after it's 'blown' onto the floor.:D

    I never got over the trauma of being in a small car with a family that had over indulged on Paxo and sprouts one Christmas.
  • robin58
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    I never got over the trauma of being in a small car with a family that had over indulged on Paxo and sprouts one Christmas.

    The more I live, the more I learn.
    The more I learn, the more I grow.
    The more I grow, the more I see.
    The more I see, the more I know.
    The more I know, the more I see,
    How little I know.!! ;)
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    edited 25 July 2016 at 12:36PM
    Off the top of my head, we get the following basics/Saver versions of the following -

    Shampoo (me only, OH uses Alberto balsam)
    Jam (Again, me only, OH has supermarket reduced sugar)
    Tinned toms
    Tomato puree
    Frozen fish fillets
    Frozen chicken breasts
    Bran flakes (appears only morrisons do these as Tesco do not)
    Yoghurts (for darling 2yr old step daughter)
    Cereal bars
    Jaffa cakes ( a rare treat)
    Flour (self raising and plain)
    Cheese spread
    Hazelnut spread (Nutella equivalent)
    Frozen peas
    Frozen parsnips
    Porridge oats

    The only value items we have tried and won't buy again are -

    frozen broccoli (It was just tiny little bits)
    Toilet roll ( seemed to go through it far too quickly and it didn't feel nice on the tush)
    Eggs (seemed to crack as soon as they entered the water when making boiled eggs)
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    Hemera wrote: »
    I shop in Tesco and I use, or I've tried, a good number of items from their everyday range:

    Good (or acceptable):


    Not so good:

    Tinned vegetables (mushy and tasteless)

    Just quoted a couple of your items.

    Spaghetti is very good. Was nowhere near Tesco one day and bought Heinz which by comparison was runny and tasteless. The baked beans are quite good too.

    As for the tinned vegetables - value carrots at 19p are very nice :T

    Other Tesco Value

    Gravy Granules - horrible. Even after a good beating it tastes powdery and leaves nasty taste.

    Frozen chicken burgers (7 or 8 per bag - says average 8, but i've never noticed a 9 bag, just 7's and 8's - I feel them in Tesco :cool: ) minced chicken but taste great for only 97p

    Rice Krispies - ok. Not as good as Kelloggs but passable.

    Wheat Biscuits (aka Weetabix). Passable but not as good as Weetabix.

    New Potatoes - 20p a can. Taste fine but cook in fresh water not the water in the tin.

    Tinned Spag Bol/Ravioli etc - I don't eat but person I know that does says they taste fine and doesn't enjoy Heinz etc any more than these.

    Tesco Value Chocolate (all kinds) Nephews say it's nice - a bit sweeter than normal chocolate but very edible.
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    I've used quite a lot from the Aldi range and so far apart from their Greek yogurt which I disliked everything else has been good. I highly rate their women's deodorant, sensitive toothpaste and feta cheese.

    I also prefer Waitrose essential baked beans to any others, brands included.
  • Doshwaster
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    edited 25 July 2016 at 3:19PM
    I'm a recent convert to Tesco Value dishwasher tablets. They are a fraction of the cost to Finish but you really can't tell the difference.

    Most of the frozen veg I get is from the Value range. A frozen pea is a frozen pea.

    Tesco Value chicken breasts are OK at a push, especially if they are going to be chopped up for use in a curry or pasta dish but I wouldn't touch Value sausages, tea bags or cheese even if they were free. The difference between a cheap tea bag and a decent one is only a few pence per cup anyway. Anything alcoholic is a no-no too. You wouldn't want to be caught serving it to visitors would you?
  • ElusiveLucy
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    I shop in Sainsburys and we have tried the following from their Basics range:
    • Cartons of chopped tomatoes
    • Lemon curd
    • Lasagne sheets
    • Kidney beans
    • Tortilla chips
    • Fresh Salmon and smoked salmon trimmings
    • Mozzarella
    • Fresh blueberries - when they are available - no different to the "normal" ones
    • Natural yogurt
    • Tinned Sweetcorn
    • Fresh lemons - sometimes a bit small, depends what I am using them for and how many I need
    • Dark chocolate (for brownies)
    • Sultanas
    • Swing bin liners
    • White rice
    • Strawberry jam
    • Salted peanuts and cashews
    • Disinfectant - now stopped buying it as I much prefer the smell of the more expensive one, not very MSE! But it did the same job!
    • Stir fry veg
    • Fresh pineapple
    • Greek style salad cheese
    • Muesli (my OH likes it, not sweet enough for me)
    • Fresh carrots
    • Fish pie mix
    • Passata - was like water
    • Jar of Sweet and Sour sauce - nasty but then I don't usually use prepared sauces anyway
    • Curry sauce - we had to try both of these just because they were so cheap - I added onion and apple to the curry sauce and it was OK but wouldn't buy again - at the time it was 9p a jar, yes 9p!
    • Fresh peppers - didn't taste very nice

    Wow, now that I've been through the list I didn't realise just how many things I had tried! As you can see, the bulk of what we have tried has been good.
    What goes around comes around.....I hope!
  • Hemera
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    Just quoted a couple of your items.

    Spaghetti is very good. Was nowhere near Tesco one day and bought Heinz which by comparison was runny and tasteless. The baked beans are quite good too.
    Just to specify... I was referring to plain, dried spaghetti, not the tinned ones in sauce. I am Italian, and I'd sooner go hungry than eat tinned cooked pasta! :rotfl:
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