Sky TV retention deals ( post your haggling successes )

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Please post any deals you have negotiated with sky

Please post

The package

The price and discount

The length of the contract
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  • melly_gmelly_g Forumite
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    After sky wanting me to start paying £80 a month for the full HD package and Tv only I cancelled. I waited a couple of weeks and then contacted them again and I got a 50% off deal so now paying £40 and got a £50 credit to my account. Pleased with that!
  • I have an issue on which id like some advice.

    i now see this as a mistake but 9 months ago i agreed to a 50% off discount for 9 months but on a 12 month contract, i have now been informed that my bill is rising to the full amount and my contract doesn't end until 1 Sept.

    I called up this morning to try and cancel and was told there would be a termination fee equivalent to the outstanding balance, the other option was to downgrade to the basic package at £20 a month wait for 31 days and then cancel but then id lose the sports and movies which is all i really want it for anyway.

    She offered me 25% off for 12 months to stay which isn't a good deal. So my quandary is, aside from the options above what plan of attack can i take to get involved in the 50/60% off banter, should i just bite the bullet and wait until I'm in the the last 30 days of contract and then cancel and hope for the best or is there something else I'm not thinking of.


  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    I think you are stuck with the options you mention, as you agreed to a 12 month contract with just a 9 month offer. (I was offered the same and refused on the grounds that reduces the 50% offer to an over all 37.5% off. )

    See the minimum term through, give 31 days notice before it is up and then wait for a better offer.
  • Yeh thats what i thought, rookie error!!

  • spyhunterspyhunter Forumite
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    The best thing to do to get the best discount with SKY is Cancel and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

    They will offer you the bare minimum until you actually cancel. This shows you are serious and they will then offer the best deals.

    It normally starts at 35% off and then increasing to 50% off any package.

    Using live chat seems to get the best deals but only after you have placed a cancellation order.

    Bill credits of £50 are not uncommon.

    SKY do seem to have gotten tighter with the discounts offered by the front line retentions teams but if you actually cancel they will offer almost anything to get you back.
  • BIRCHY50BIRCHY50 Forumite
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    Any sky fibre broadband deals out there and is it any good?
  • mum2onemum2one Forumite
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    I got 25% off for 12 months x
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • DonnySaverDonnySaver Forumite
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    CANCELLING is the only way to get the deal you want.

    I tried to barter with them - only got offered 25% off. So, I cancelled. Few hours later got offered 35% off and the very next day 50% off.
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    afc80afc80 Forumite
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    I cancelled via live chat 5 minutes ago.

    Said i was not interested in any deals to speed up the cancellation.

    Processed quickly.

    Went straight into my account via my telly to check on my "exclusive offer".

    Offer was 50% off my current package. My current package is the highest priced "entertainment" package plus sky sports. I really only watch sports.

    Sure i could have got a credit if i waited but decided to take the 50%.

    Now on my 7th consecuitive year of 50% sky tv.
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    Andrew_Ryan_89Andrew_Ryan_89 Forumite
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    I have been with Sky for a long time, probably around 10 years. Every year they have put the price up ever so slightly but now I am paying a good £15 or so for the same package I had way back when. What pushed me over the edge was when I got a message saying that my bill will go up by £6 a month!

    I thought to myself -

    We now have Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.
    BT are showing a lot of the sport and all of the Champions League
    HD is still an extra and not even a TV standard yet despite the fact with have UHD now
    I have a number apps on my phone that allow me to stream TV, including Sky, for free
    Furthermore, I can also share the stream with my 50" TV

    So why do I need Sky? I kept it but got rid of all the Sky packages. As I split the cost with my brother (multi room) I pay £18 per month and that is mainly for the convenience of recording shows.

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