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Possible fraud by my mother/brother with a Mobility car



  • Vicky123
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    You say your surprised she was awarded such a high rate of PIP and that she's elderly so surely in order to qualify for the mobility component she would have already been receiving the high amount before she reached pension age. I don't think new claims for those of pension age receive the mobility component. Were you not surprised before at the high award as the only difference is she's swapped the money for the car. Reads more like a rant against the motability scheme than anything else.
  • Morglin
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    playaz wrote: »
    Hi - thanks for the response.

    Let me put some matters straight.

    My brother was recently from prison (8 year stretch) during this time he obviously hasn't been helping my mother out but nor did he before he got sent down. Over the many the years the 'ferrying round' you referred to was done by mainly myself and my sister. At no point was this as problem as I live very close to my mother and we are a close-knit family so it is fine.

    As stated - I have measured the distance between the 'family' home and my brothers and it is outside the limit stated within the documents (hence the reason for faking the address). Now I know as I have been told her only 'allows' her access to the car twice on the weekend - I know but a) she has told me and b) there is another family member who lives at the family home who can verify this (he doesn't drive so cannot use this scheme).

    All of this joining the Mobility scheme was done without the knowledge of anybody else - we only found out when he rocked up in a new 24k one day. And to say my mother is of 'sound mind' isn't quite accurate either... she has a history of signing up for things she doesn't need... A year ago she signed upto a £6.5k home-improvement loan for new windows and doors... (she has double glazing already) again this was all down to the same brother who coerced her into this deal. It was only cancelled when the rest of the family stepped into and stopped them before fitting the windows - now we know when she explained it to us she didn't realise it was a secured loan and could lose her house.

    But this is the person that I have to deal with...

    In order to be one of your your mums named drivers, he would have had to produce his driving licence, so this should have shown his address.

    Motability are pretty flexible with distances though.

    At the dealership, they would also have had to ask pertinent questions for the fleet insurance, and being in prison should have been notified so that the insurance cover is valid, if they had chosen to even to cover him.

    If he's given them false information, then the car is not legally insured - might be worth checking out.

    It would worry me with the insurance situation, but other than that, it's your mum decision about her travel arrangements.

    If she is genuinely of "unsound mind" then you could apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney, which would involve her consent and/or a medical assessment, but, to be honest, she sounds more gullible, with your brother, than anything else.

    Lin :)
    You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands..........for instance, if they are placed around your throat, she's probably slightly upset. ;)
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    I agree with the poster who suggested having a conversation with your mum and emphasising the 'brother could get into trouble' side of thngs rather than ' brother is ripping you off', if you feel that that would be more efective.
    All posts are my personal opinion, not formal advice Always get proper, professional advice (particularly about anything legal!)
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