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Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13

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  • angel11angel11 Forumite
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    Cats how long have you been on the thyroxine now? My cycle lengths are very regular, it's just the PMS that's a killer. I've said that I'll never been on the pill again as well, coming off is horrendous
  • cats2012cats2012 Forumite
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    Angel it's just over 3 months now. Don't know how long it takes?! They said my levels are right though..
    Officially Mrs B as of March 2013
    TTC since Apr 2015, baby B born March 2017
  • angel11angel11 Forumite
    411 posts
    Cats I would have imagined you'd have seen some improvement after 3 months on the thyroxine, maybe it is the hormones from the pill still causing mischief. Did your GP give you any idea when you might become more regular, or refer you to endocrinology?
  • angel11angel11 Forumite
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    Clara it's so good you don't have wait too long, fx for good news on Monday
  • cats2012cats2012 Forumite
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    Neither of those. Ah well x
    Officially Mrs B as of March 2013
    TTC since Apr 2015, baby B born March 2017
  • sexymousesexymouse Forumite
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  • angel11angel11 Forumite
    411 posts
    Oh dear cats, must be very frustrating :(, do you have a sympathetic GP you could discuss your concerns with? Anytime I've had to change my dosage, I normally feel a difference within a week, I know others can take up to a month, but 3 months does sound a bit excessive. Then again, my cycles have never been affected. Do you know what your levels actually were? When I ring to get my results now, I actually ask for TSH & FT4 levels rather than just accepting they're "normal" as I've seem lots different GPs about uat with a very wide range of understanding about the condition :mad::mad: Also, for those ttc, TSH has a smaller "normal range" than the general population (should be below 2). I found this website quite informative, might be of some use to you:
  • cats2012cats2012 Forumite
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    Thanks angel will have a read :-) my last level was 1.9 so think that's why they said I'm ok. Tbf they don't know for sure that thyroid is why my cycles were affected - could just be coincidence!!
    Officially Mrs B as of March 2013
    TTC since Apr 2015, baby B born March 2017
  • LisaLou1982LisaLou1982 Forumite
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    Thanks for the replies ladies :)
    I've been taking pregnacare since I came off the pill as I was advised by the doctor to do so and I rarely drink alcohol so that hasn't changed anyway.

    We will have the house to ourselves for a few days from Sunday as mum is off on holiday so I will test then and keep you updated.

    BD to you all xx
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  • Hello everyone

    So... I've just done a first response pregnancy test (the one that tests up to 6 days early) and there is a very very very faint second line! I really don't want to get over excited. Can this just be where the line ' should be'? X
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