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Ryanair Tips - guide discussion

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    carolinerunnercarolinerunner Forumite
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    Again, apologies as this also isn't a tip, but like spider above, I'm wishing I'd booked with someone else (but only flight that day, etc etc). I'm flying one way with RA then back with EJ. Total nightmare trying to organise luggage in a way that works with the policy of both airlines. Bag sizes and weights all different. EJ's cabin bag limit is 63 litres, RA is 20 litres. Grrr.

    ETA: I now realise that RA's max size for a checked in 10kg bag is actually one third smaller than EJ's max cabin luggage size. At 20cm deep, the RA hold bag limit is smaller than many, if not most, hard case cabin cases. Including mine. Again, I don't actually own a bag the right size. I know, should have checked more carefully but it was the first day the flights went on sale, rates were going up all the time so I had to act fast.

    Q!:I hear that RA are sticklers for bag sizes, does anyone know if this is true/sometimes true/always true? I'm concerned that I can't measure exactly the size of any bag and really don't want to get caught out at the airport.

    I can't really go any smaller than their cabin bag size or I might as well just take a handbag and have done with it. We have a vast number of rucksacks and not one of them is small enough to be RA cabin bag. So I'm buying 2 that look the right size but what if they're a tiny bit over and won't fit in RA's frame? (I know, take something out and put it in my pocket, but that sounds a bit stressy to be doing at 7am when I've been up since stupid o'clock...

    2nd Q: does a waist pack count as a bag if I wear it through the flight and don't take it off?!
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  • StefokneeStefoknee Forumite
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    My best friend is my Barber. It is of course ancient holy & battered... but the zips work and with a pocket straight across the back i can roll a jumper & hat gloves and scarf into it (plus newspaper) so it makes a good pillow for the flight. (Always sit in seat A so I can sleep against the side)
    In the side and inside pockets i put any books plus money, passport, credit cards... and tablet and charger. and a carrier bag in the pocket of the coat to unload books tablet and pointy things into in the plane when using the coat as a pillow
    Cables loop around my neck as a necklace.
    Biggest shoes on feet, biggest shirt and trousers on my back ... .

    Last but not least, mobile pHone and a credit card or ten tuck in my bra cup, and a thermal mug full of iced coffee milk shake (bought plane side) goes down my clevage and melts over a 3 hour flight to keep me hydrated while not paying ryan air a cent (the mug goes through security empty)

    My coat usually weighs a good few kg! And i usually carry it on over my arm.
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    Queueing early to avoid bags being put in the hold may be necessary if there are things in the bags which must be retrieved during the flight - stuff to minister unto the needs of children, for example. However, unless it's unavoidable that you need to get at your luggage, having it stowed in the hold is, as far as I'm concerned, a boon.

    There are bits of me that now complain if I stand for long periods - and the 'long periods' are as short as 10 minutes these days. My m.o. at any boarding gate is to sit until the last three or four people are passing through. Somebody's got to be last and I'm happy if it's me.

    I have always wondered why there's a rush to queue at the gate. Invariably the queue goes nowhere for a minimum of 10 minutes. Usually they call pax forward as the incoming pax exit the plane. The queue can then watch the turn-round crew drag black sacks off the plane and other staff do their thing. Frequently, 20 mins later, nobody's moved. I, however, am still comfortably seated.

    If two people are on the gate and they can pass one pax every 15 seconds, that's 20 minutes to board 160 pax. Anyone at the back of the queue can expect to have been standing for at least 1/2 hour.

    If I have an allocated seat - and for any flight over 2 hrs I will reserve one - it'll still be there. If not, I don't care where I end up as long as it's not hard by an infant that screams the whole flight.

    Getting on last gives me a good chance to get rid of my case. I love to hear "The overhead lockers are full ..." Everybody knows what a dreadful scrum it is to retrieve bags from lockers and inch down the plane with them.

    Because these short-haul flights have very litttle hold luggage I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for my case to appear. And when it does, I am significantly closer to the exit of the airport than if I had had to drag it to that point, off the plane. I will most probable have avoided having to carry it up/down stairs.

    Being last on has distinct advantages.
  • crustaceancrustacean Forumite
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    If this is the only way of having all necessary documentation in hard copy form I dont mind adding £28 to cost of break overall as it is not such a bad deal, pricewise.

    Yes. It is. If your nerves can stand it, you can avoid reserving seats and check in 48 hrs before the departure time. You don't have to print anything. You can photograph the 'bar code thingie' on the boarding pass which you then offer up to a reader at check in. The light goes green - you in.
  • crustaceancrustacean Forumite
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    Hoping a more experienced traveller than we can help with above and any added advice they can give regarding Ryanair (apart from try not to fly with them next time!)

    Yes, do try to avoid RyA.

    The business model of Mr O'Leary is a disgrace. Granted he is in business and businesses exist to make a profit [or they die]. But the way RyA has set out its charges and its baggage allowances is, in my view, deliberately calculated to confuse the customer and maximise the take.

    RyA would say that it is offering the customer 'more choice'. In fact it offers no more than any other airline, it simply charges for 'options' that are factored in to the ticket prices of other airlines.

    There is only one reason I choose to fly RyA and price is not it. There are RyA flights to places I need to go to which dep &/or arr at times of day that are convenient. That's it.
  • Mrs_ParkerMrs_Parker Forumite
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    When you click on Regular, you also add Fast Track which most people do not want/need.
    So, if you just want to add a small suitcase to your big handbag, but do not want/need to choose a seat, click on Value and add your extra small suitcase when prompted.
    Regarding not seating together, I have never witnessed anyone refusing to change seat to allow a family to seat together. In the case of couples, we usually joke that's it's a welcome 2/3 hours without the other half!
    On the other hand, choosing your seat allows you to check in well in advance, useful if you haven't got a smartphone and you do not have a computer and a printer when away.
    Any other questions, do not hesitate to ask, I have a lot of flying experience with Ryanair.
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    crustaceancrustacean Forumite
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    Q!:I hear that RA are sticklers for bag sizes, does anyone know if this is true/sometimes true/always true? I'm concerned that I can't measure exactly the size of any bag and really don't want to get caught out at the airport.

    You have to assume that it's always true. I've never had a bag checked for size or weight but whatever the allowance is, my case looks like I have tried to stick to the rules. I imagine the bags that get checked are ones that clearly look oversize.

    I can't really go any smaller than their cabin bag size or I might as well just take a handbag and have done with it.

    That is precisely the intention of RyA. The business model is to charge very low base prices for tickets, then load up the 'options'. Making a wild generalisation I'd guess that most people travel with more than they need. RyA knows this and gets it to pay.

    2nd Q: does a waist pack count as a bag if I wear it through the flight and don't take it off?

    If you wear a garment that covers the waist pack and means it is beneath your clothing, it's not 'luggage'.

    If I'm allowed to make this recommendation I have found a soft bag which is precisely the RyA cabin bag size. Amazon. £10.38. [Gone down! I paid £16!] It's still too much money for what it is - it should be £6 on a market stall - but it is exactly the RyA size. The extra money goes towards paying for peace of mind.

    5 Cities 40x20x25 Ryanair Maximum Sized 2020 Under Seat Cabin Holdall Travel Flight Bag
  • melbmelb Forumite
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    if there are already too many carry-on bags in the cabin you will have to pay to put it in the hold - it is no longer free as of last Noveber
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    just read in a local spanish free paper that a spanish citizen had won a case against ryanair regarding EU rules on cabin baggage he was refunded his 80 euro charge for his cabin bag that was placed in the hold,you can google this for info
  • petnnwpetnnw Forumite
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    I have been traveling almost twice a week for some years with Ryanair (now luckily, just twice a month), and with time I have discovered some tricks that allows you to save some money. 

    The first trick is: if you need to travel in group, then BOOK separately, especially if they show "only n fares left at this price" and your group is of m > n persons (e.g. "only 1 fare left at this price" is shown, any our are traveling in 2 or more). 

    Let's make an example. Let's say that there is a flight offer for 20€, and they show "only 1 fare left at this price". If you need to travel in two, and if you don't book your flights separately, then Ryanair will make BOTH of you pay the non-discounted fare, let's say 30€ per person. In other words, you will both pay 30€ (60€ in total). 
    If you book separately, then one of you will pay 20€, the other one will pay 30€ (50€ in total).

    Many years ago booking in group was useful as Ryanair, during the checkin, kindly tried to keep the group together. Now, by purpose, Ryanair tries to split groups apart, so that some of you will try to change seat (under payment). So definitely booking in group is totally useless.

    Another trick is at the checkin. If you really can't stay one hour and half without your friend, but do not want to pay too much, then one of you might go with the "randomly allocated seat". The other one can then try to pay for the seat close to the first one. In this way only one of you will have to pay for the allocated seat.

    It's superfluous to say that ensurance is almost useless, especially in EU. If you need urgent medical assistance, just show your European Health Insurance Card, I always had free medical assistance.

    Last, but not least, Ryanair prices change even more than once per day. I once used Google flights and Skyscanner but these are updated once a day (Google flights) and maybe once per few days (Skyscanner): totally useless for Ryanair, you can miss a lot of opportunities. As a result, several years ago I made a simple but handy Android app for my phone, that constantly checks the prices of the flights I'm interested in, and notifies me when the price is below the value I set. Some friends of mine asked to make it public. I won't post direct links, but if you are interested, you can easily find it on the playstore "Ryanair Fare Watch", and of course it's free.
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