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    Feral_Moon wrote: »
    They only provide to pensioners.

    Indeed. Bristol Energy only supports the WHD scheme in favour of the core group as detailed in the link I provided.

    It does not provide WHD to any other group. As the brand new poster (who joined this site over 18 months ago, and didn't even hang around for a reply ;)) does not appear to qualify under the obligatory core group eligibility, then the poster may have difficulty obtaining WHD from any other supplier than their current one, as eligibilty under the broader group is decided entirely by the supplier

    To clarify, Bristol Energy is a voluntary supplier operating the WHD scheme, having less than 250,000 customers. As such it can only offer WHD to the Core Group.

    More details on the Core group and the broader group can be found here:
    If you don't qualify for either of these groups you should ask your supplier what other help may be available to you. They may provide other support outside of the scheme.
    Here is a link to the Bristol Energy website, with more details of how they operate the WHD scheme
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    I have just switched from British Gas to Bristol Energy on the day they said it would. I was a bit nervous given all the previous postings but the switch went like clockwork. British Gas have issued me with a final bill, with the readings that I emailed Bristol Energy, 3 days before the switch. So far so good.
  • After considerable research i have just switched (for the first time in my 68 yr life) to Bristol Energy. I phoned them with 'stupid' questions which they answered cheerfully and fully before I sent off my on line app.It took just over 3 mins of holding to get to talk to a call handler. If all goes to plan I will be paying less per month than I do now. Will keep you updated on my progress. BUT refused to be taken for an expensive ride by current and up till now 'lifelong' provider any more! So pensioners 'Get Switching'.
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    Afternoon all, first time switcher here, I have reviewed the comments in these forums (very helpful) and decided to leave British Gas and sign up with Bristol Energy. Fingers crossed all goes well, the switch on the site was relatively straightforward, took about 5 - 10mins.
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    Not a good experience. Got off badly with two conflicting start dates, they asked me for readings 5 days apart and then confused all involved with them. They blamed my previous supplier, which was odd when I only provided Bristol Energy readings. Mid contract they changed my Direct Debit without telling me beforehand, I had to change them back. They request your readings a week before the statement is generated and if you have replied early after their request they give you an estimated reading vastly inflated. After complaining of inaccurate monthly statements I was told to provide readings five days after being requested to do so. They auto reply to e-mail with the promise to reply in 7 working days but don't and when they do it is as if they have not fully read your initial correspondence. I think 7 day wait for a reply is too long anyway. Their renewal tariff offer came without an online discount of £12 per fuel, and later magically appeared. Some e-mails have never received a reply. They ask for you to review your payments, ignoring e-mails telling them to raise payments just a week previously. Just how they mess up something so seemingly easy is beyond me. They want to operate over the Interned but seem loathe to use it fully and, it seems, only send e-mails of instruction and not in reply to queries. It is as if they want little in writing. Not looking forward to the current switch procedure - but I never do!
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    Switched from British Gas and all had gone well. Moved to a 1 yr fixed dual fuel version 9 when the MSE deal with British Gas came to an end in January. Received my second bill yesterday and noticed version 11 would save me £20 p.a. As I'm not on a tie-in I phoned and moved to version 11!! Had a confirmation email that this had gone through.

    So far a happy customer.
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    I was going to switch to Avro until I read the reviews, I have now switched to Bristol energy from Gb energy
    time will tell
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    Bristol Energy sends me an email every month around the same date asking for a meter reading. I am happy to do this, it only takes a couple of minutes, and then I know that I am being charged correctly.
    So far so good.
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    I think they might be good but if there is anything not straight forward then I think they struggle. I've tried switching my gas supply 3 times now (been trying since 1 Feb 17) and it hasn't happened yet, communication has been poor and because they are only open 0900-1700 Mon-Fri it is quite challenging finding time to speak to them. They seem very ethical and community focused which is nice. Their CS reps seem nice and polite and their twitter response is very good.
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    Just done a CEC comp and found Bristol energy at the top with the 'My Bristol Tariff 1 Year Fix Issue 4 Paperless Billing' tariff, however it doesn't show as an option when I go to the Bristol Energy page, only the more expensive 'My Local Tariff 1 Year Fix Issue 4 Paperless Billing' tariff.

    Anybody know why?
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