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Problems with danfoss thermostat



  • pocketstringspocketstrings Forumite
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    thank-you, that's amazing advice. I don't know about wires. The gizmo I have is wireless...
  • TheBiggestBadgerTheBiggestBadger Forumite
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    I have no advice on the particular issue, however one thing I would say is do not bother to contact Danfoss UK for help. I emailed a query about my controller and 3 weeks later, I finally got a thoroughly underwhelming 2 line response, which did not solve my issue.
  • TalldaveTalldave Forumite
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    thank-you, that's amazing advice. I don't know about wires. The gizmo I have is wireless...
    Ah, OK. How about a Honeywell T3R wireless programmable thermostat that has a manual mode. For your application you could leave it permanently in manual mode. A little pricier at around £75 but solves your problem.
  • allymacmacallymacmac Forumite
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    I have the same problem as buzzz with my danfoss TP5000i thermostat starting the heating throughout the day. Thermostat mode is set to 5 degrees, so I can't see why it is switching heating on so frequently. Any ideas?
  • whatsthenewswhatsthenews Forumite
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    Talldave said:
    I don't think that is possible with this thermostat. You need it replaced with a "traditional" manual thermostat, costing around £20. However, those older style thermostats require a 3 wire installation. If your system has only 2 wires, a manual digital thermostat such as the Honeywell DT90 at £40 would work.
    You'd have to go into the settings and turn the required temperatures for each on/off period down to 13c or something like that. Then just manually override using the up arrow when you want the heating on. 
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