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Problems with danfoss thermostat

Apologies if this is not the right place but I'm looking for some help. We have a danfoss TP5000 Si range thermostat where we have the am and pm week day and weekday times for the heating to come on.

Here's where the problem lays....the heating seems to tick over most of the day and never seems to go off, even by turning the temperature (room temperature indicator I think) down! This is proving costly as you can imagine. I also can't see how you can override the heating outside of the programme times.

I have done a bit of looking around online and seen others who have had these issues although no answers. Having just moved into the house this was the system already in place so I'm not overly familiar with it

Does anyone know about these systems?

Thanks in advance


  • macman
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    edited 21 February 2016 at 1:19PM
    Manual here:
    Overrides are explained on pages 22/23.
    Have you changed the batteries-I'd do this as standard with a programmer you've inherited.
    There is a frost protection function enabled by default at 5C, but unless the boiler is in a garage or outhouse then it's unlikely that's kicking in even in the current cold weather. However the default may have been raised much higher, so consult the manual and check.
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  • matelodave
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    Here are the instructions, just in case you've lost them. https://www.gentoogroup.com/media/1264/tp5000siplusrf-easy-user-guide.pdf

    Is yours a wireless or wired system. If wireless then I'd take the batteries out for 1-15 minutes to reset it, if wired then I'd turn the heating system off at the mains for 10-15 minutes to reset it. You can then reprogramme - Or you can download the installation instruction from Danfoss as theres's probably a reset button on it somewhere.
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  • Buzzz
    Buzzz Posts: 122 Forumite
    Hi both, thanks for your replies and sorry for the delay, i've been away all week with work so the first time to look, and I do need to look as i've just had my utilities bill in and we're in debit already despite a hefty month direct debit!

    Anyway, taken the batteries out this morning and now wading through the manual to read up; I have the quick user guide so it's useful to have the fuller manual.

    Regarding wireless etc., not sure which it is...... the thermostat and programmer is on the wall, but it doesn't seem wired as it's on the under stairs door and there's no wires coming out from behind it into the cupboard, so is that wireless? It's not bluetooth or freestanding like some.

    Thanks, again.
  • macman
    macman Posts: 53,098 Forumite
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    The model number you quote is hard wired, for wireless operation you would need the RF version plus the RX1 receiver wired to the boiler.
    I believe it is battery powered.
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  • 123jazz
    Hi I have danfos fp715si installed , the problem is when ever I adjust the Honeywell room thermostat which makes breaker to trip and blows 13amp fuse , but I jus turned on and off heating from danfos it’s works fine what it could be , room thermostat or something else . That’s in advance
  • Cmh79
    The temperature will not go above 21oc. I’ve tried everything in the manual. Any help gratefully accepted
  • JJ_Egan
    JJ_Egan Posts: 20,281 Forumite
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    Oil or LPG ??
    Do you mean the thermostat will not go above or the heat in the room .
  • Timbo29
    Timbo29 Posts: 15 Forumite
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    I have a wideless danfoss thermostat and recently the time is showing instead of the room temperature?
    Also doesn't seam to be running programme properly. Has anyone had this same issue?
  • pocketstrings
    I have the same thermostat (DANFOSS TP5000Si) and although I've looked at the manuals available online I can't find out what I want to know.

    At the moment the heating comes on and turns itself off at certain times throughout the day inherited from the previous tenant. Sometimes it comes on when I am out, other times I'll have the heating on in the afternoon or evening and suddenly realise I am cold and that it has turned itself off.

    All I can find out to do online is to change the times the heating comes on and off. The thing is, I have a disability so sometimes I''m in bed all day or whatever and just want it off and I can't afford to have the heating working according to these settings.

    I want the heating to be off unless I specifically choose to turn it on or off manually. And when I have put it on I want it to stay on until I turn it off.

    Is this possible with this thermostat? I can't find out how to do this online. I can see how to put it in 'summer mode' but then I can't turn it on again without that reactivating the annoying coming off programmed settings.

    Id be extremely grateful for your help.
  • Talldave
    Talldave Posts: 2,002 Forumite
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    I don't think that is possible with this thermostat. You need it replaced with a "traditional" manual thermostat, costing around £20. However, those older style thermostats require a 3 wire installation. If your system has only 2 wires, a manual digital thermostat such as the Honeywell DT90 at £40 would work.
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