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Does anyone know of any credit cards that are available for large 0% balance transfers?? I have just over £18000 on 2 cards and really want to get them paid off. Can I transfer some of the balance or do you always have to transfer the entire balance on the card?
I have £10500 on a Barclay card and £8000 on a Lloyds MasterCard. If anyone has any advice on this or how to pay these off quickly please tell me......


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    Unless you're a big earner, you're very unlikely to get anywhere near that kind of limit, especially with those existing debts.

    But if you manage to get any sort of BT card at all, you can transfer any amount.
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    Yes, you can transfer partial balances not the whole amount.

    Partial BTs are prob your best option but paying it off quickly isn't going to happen's going to be baby steps.

    If you can get another BT card, you can normally BT 95% of the new limit so that would give you less of a balance you are paying interest on at least.

    Have you done an eligibilty check or applied for any other cards?
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