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  • KxMx
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    edited 30 October 2015 at 7:22PM
    I've looked at Now TV Movies but some films take ages to come to the service,
    while most i'm interested in on Amazon's streaming are Pay Per View.
  • madkingsoup
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    I got my email about this the other day.

    I'm paying £4 for 2 discs at a time.

    The email say it will go up to £9.99 in February.

    The website notes that there will be a £2 discount if you have Prime Instant Video as well (which I do), although there's no clarity as to whether the price in my email includes that discount or not.

    I'd ditch the Post thing, but Instant Video simply isn't good enough for recent releases. There's no real competition in the streaming rental market for new releases (they all seem to charge the same price) and as far as I can see there is only one competitor in the postal rental market, hence Amazon's price hike.

    It's shameful profiteering. But it's Amazon so I shouldn't be surprised.
  • Torry_Quine
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    I currently pay £7.99 for prime instant and love film which goes up to £9.99 with two discs instead of one.
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  • Double_V
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    They most probably want to promote "prime".
    All digital.
  • hazeyb
    hazeyb Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    Mines also going up from £2 pm to £9.99 pm. I will cancel it in January. Prime streaming has never matched up to lovefilm in terms of content, so thats not an option either.

    A smaller increase might have been palatable, but 500% results in rather strong reaction from myself. I'd guess they were losing money on providing me the service so cheaply, so they won't miss me as a customer.
  • mb1810
    mb1810 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi, I am one of the customers who currently pay £2 a month (for unlimited discs a month, 1 at a time) and have received the email saying I will automatically be changed to £9.99 in February (for unlimited discs, 2 at a time).

    Firstly (for anyone who is wondering), the reason I only pay £2 currently is because I was a member of Lovefilm when it was bought by Amazon. At the time I paid £7 a month (I think) for the Lovefilm rental disc and streaming package. As Amazon then turned the streaming service into Prime Instant Video and absorbed the cost into the Prime membership (which I signed up for - £40 a year for a student at the time), the disc rental was then only charged at £2 a month. Frankly I have always been expecting it to go up as it was so cheap, and it will be two years when the prices change in February.

    However, a rise to £10 is absurd. I have looked, and 4 discs a month, one at a time (which is about what I use anyway) will be £8 a month (or £9 a month if I cancel my Prime membership in March as the price will go up as I am no longer a student). This really isn't much better. Prime instant video on its own is not an alternative as the film selection is awful.

    I will most likely be cancelling all my Amazon subscriptions in the new year and seeing what Netflix has to offer.
  • mjm3346
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    Cannot be a surprise they are increasing prices, the special offer ones cannot even be covering the postage costs never mind any other costs or making a profit.
  • FredaJones
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    edited 31 October 2015 at 3:54AM
    The price wasn't a special offer but instead was the price we used to pay for Lovefilm before it was transferred to Amazon.

    I paid £7.99 for DVDs and they added the streaming for free.

    After the transfer, they decided to change the charge to £5.99 for the streaming and £2 for the DVDs. So still £7.99 for the same service and that is how it has stood for the last year and a half.

    They now say they are going to increase the DVD part to £9.99 - so that is an increase from £7.99 to £15.98, overnight.

    A big jump, I think you will agree.
  • Marvel1
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    edited 31 October 2015 at 2:53PM
    I currently pay a total of £13.27:
    £7..28 for Lovefilm by Post
    £5.99 Prime Instant Video

    My Lovefilm by Post package is unlimited discs per month with 3 discs at home at a time (this was well before lovefilm became Amazon and I never changed my package).

    This is what I was paying before the change from Lovefilm to Amazon, the bank statement just splits it into two.

    A majority I have on my list (51 TV, 267 Film) are not available on the streaming sites e.g. Amazon Prime (free), Netflix.

    I am not surprised in the price increase, for me I don't have Sky/Virgin TV and from today no TV licence either (World cup ends), and having on average 6 discs a week is much cheaper than if I had Sky etc.

    Just read my email:
    To minimise the impact to existing customers we are delaying the launch of new pricing until February 2016. From your February billing date, you will be charged £11.99 per month for your unlimited LOVEFiLM By Post plan, with 3 discs out at-a-time.
    So new price is £11.99 + £5.99 = £18

    I will look into cancelling the Prime Instant Video side of it, hopefully keeping the Lovefilm by Post package as it is (3 at a time) and paying the new price £11.99.

    If I try and cancel the Prime Instant Video and I end up losing the 3 discs at home and have 2 instead for the same price. That is still an average 4 discs a week (16 a month) and as I said still cheaper than with Sky/Virgin.

    From this site, another postal DVD service:
    Cinema Paradiso packages compared:
    2 disks at a time, limited to 4 a month £6.98/mth
    2 disks at a time, limited to 6 a month £9.98/mth
    2 disks at a time & unlimited amount per month £11.98/mth
    3 disks at a time & unlimited amount per month £19.98/mth
    Amazon still cheaper.

    Update Example: Currently watching Arrow Season 3 and The Flash S1, have these by post:-
    Netflix: according to as of 29/08/15, Season 3Arrow is not available and not only that but neither is S1 or S2.
    As of 03/10/15 S1 of The Flash is not available either.

    Amazon Prime Instant Video: S3 Arrow and S1 The Flash is available but not part of the monthly subscription, it's pay per view, and S1 Arrow and S2 Arrow are available as part of the monthly subscription.
  • Neil_Jones
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    edited 31 October 2015 at 6:16PM
    I haven't had any email at all from Amazon about Lovefilm.

    I'm only paying £4.07 a month and seem to have ended up on some legacy package called LOVEFiLM By Post - Light Use 2. If I log in there's no mention of changes, no mention of price hikes and only an option to cancel.

    This price hasn't changed for months.
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