Haggling with BT via internet chat?

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    jem16 wrote: »
    No what I was meaning was what is the cost per month for TalkTalk line rental if you don't pay upfront.

    No it isn't and I wouldn't bother with it now as it just ties you in with very little saving. BT and PlusNet also lowered the saving.

    Virgin is the only one with a decent saving still but that may change.

    Anyway - sorry OP for hijacking your thread.
    £17.70pm, so £1.70 pm saving.
    I remember when it was roughly half price for upfront .Not anymore.As you say, it ties you in, but, rebated if you leave.
    Wouldn't like to try and get the rebate, after leaving :rotfl:
    You got a good deal with Virgin.but, cannot see it lasting, and I cannot get it.:(
    Sorry OP myself.:beer:
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    You can get better deals, once with Sky,though.

    I will be paying, after the December price increases, £26.70 (effectively £22.53, when including a £50 credit) for broadband, line , inclusive calls (including to mobiles) and Original tv.
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