Dolly's Deposit Diary........

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  • 1. Pay off all debt

    Debt is down from 12,710.91 to 8,337.09 :T:T:T

    2. Cancel 3 credit cards

    Still paying the balances off of these so will start to cancel as soon as they are PIF.

    3. Cancel the catalogue account

    Paid the final payment to this the last week & asked them to close the account. Just waiting on them actually doing it now :rotfl: Will give it another week then get back on to them.

    4. Save £4000 for Canada 2017

    Getting there with this we are at over 1000 at the minute & will be booking the flights tonight! So excited :D

    5. Save £1000 emergency fund

    :think: not made any progress in this, have had so much on. Will keep trying!

    So sorry for not popping on to keep things updated, I'm just conscious of the fact that is is a savings diary & I am still not able to save :p

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    Well done in paying off so much of your debt.
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Thank you!

    It's a struggle sometimes but will be worth it when it is gone.

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