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  • No update in regards to the savings today but I have been overspending & today worked out exactly how much we have to spend on groceries over the next 3 weekends until payday.

    Worked out at £55.00 per week, wrote a list stuck to it today & managed it for £34.00!!! Why on earth have I not been writing a list every week, I could be saving myself a blooming fortune.

    I love lists aswell & I usually write everything down but never really a shopping list, this is going to change now. I will be armed with a shopping list every week from now on!

  • My CC interest just got added £65.00 - grrrrrrrrrrr.

    One day I will have no CC & a home - one day.

  • My debt has gone up slightly this month - grrrrrrr!

    Still no savings but I know that this is not something I can realistically start until 2016, but I am so looking forward to it already.

  • Well we have a date for moving in January finally. We will be moving on the 25th.

    This new flat is going to save us quite a bit each month but we need to get all white goods for the kitchen & as we have no savings then we will need to get these on the CC's which will increase the debt!

    I still have a goal to be debt free by December 2016 just need to work really hard at it & be organised!

    Got my new 2016 diary which I will use to keep a track of debts, payments to be made & also my weight which I am trying to shift also. Need to lose 6 stone which will take a while but will get there with this all in the end.

  • Just submitted a request for a quote for the removal guys.

  • Well I have moved & that 's us almost settled in the new place.

    The removal guys charged me £180 which was great, I hate moving its so stressful!

    Had quite a lot of additional costs from the move, had to buy all kitchen appliances, wardrobes, rugs, curtains which haws cost us quite a bit. The reason for this is that my old flat had all integrated appliances & wardrobes. Also had carpets in the bedroom & the flooring throughout was in good condition, this new place the flooring has seen better days & definitely needed to be covered up!!

    Still once we get this initial costly period out of the way we will be saving around £220 a month on what we paid in the last place so can start saving this, probably will be May 2015 that I can start saving but plan to do this earlier if I can.

    We are off on a cruise in April so this is the reason for not managing to save that much until May 2016.

    It's kinda annoying as I am just excited to see the savings grow!!

    Will open an FTB ISA next year so that we can benefit from the additional money from the government.

    I have updated my annual goals today also to include that I want to save £1000 emergency fund each year, this might be a bit ambitious but I would love to be able to do this.

    Eurgh also still haven't had my deposit back from the old estate agents, called them Friday & today. They still haven't called me back & I am getting slightly mad at them, it is £600 they owe us!

    Anyhoo that was a humongous post!

  • 1. Pay off all debt
    2. Cancel 3 credit cards
    3. Cancel the catalogue account
    4. Save £3000 for Canada 2017
    5. Save £1000 emergency fund

    Okay so there hasn't been much going on so far due to the house move last month.

    My debt has gone up which is annoying but unavoidable at this stage due to the fact that we have no emergency fund of cash(that will change) & are off on our cruise in April so have to be saving for that at the same time(seems crazy I know but was booked a long time ago)

    I will definitely be hitting all of these 2016 goals, will just have to work a bit harder at it after the cruise which I don't mind, have sat & worked through all the amounts we will need to save & it will all work out fine in the end.

    I would say that by May 2016 I will have the catalogue account PIF & will close that down.

    In July or August 2016 I will start clearing the CC's then its also time for them to get closed down, I don't want to find myself back in this sorry state again, most of the spends I am ashamed to say on these cards I have absolutely nothing to show for.

    I am going to make a small start to the emergency fund, not sure I will be able to save the £1000 but I am going to give it my best shot.

    1st update with actual savings will be 1 March 2016 - can't wait!

  • 1. Pay off all debt
    2. Cancel 3 credit cards
    3. Cancel the catalogue account
    4. Save £3000 for Canada 2017
    5. Save £1000 emergency fund

    Okay so here goes with my little update so far.

    1. Not really made a dent in the debt due to car tax & insurance being due up this month. Once I am debt free & have an emergency fund this will all be covered within that so no more relying on credit cards for these things.

    2 - Still not paid this off so can't cancel until that is done.

    3 - Same as above.

    4 - Saved £204 so far :T

    5 - Not managed to save into this as still paying off the debt.

    Will get there in the end.

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    Hello Dolly Rocker, keep posting as it is motivating and it will help you to achieve your goals. Keep at it. Well done on the £204. :j
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
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    Hi Dolly Rocker!

    At least you have managed to save something, that's definitely better than nothing! :T
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