Dolly's Deposit Diary........

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  • Thanks, definitely going to keep posting regularly that will help a lot.

  • 1. Pay off all debt
    2. Cancel 3 credit cards
    3. Cancel the catalogue account
    4. Save £4000 for Canada 2017
    5. Save £1000 emergency fund

    Okay so here goes with an update on my deposit diary tales............

    1. Getting there with the debt payments, might not be debt free by December 2016 more likely to be around April 2017. Annoying but still will be a happy lass when it is all gone. Totals at the minutes are around £11,400ish.

    2. All CC's have balances, as soon as they are cleared they will be cancelled, still a few months to go yet before that happens.

    3. Still has a balance right now will be cancelled in September 2016 once the balance is PIF.

    4. We have saved £612.00 to this so far, have written out a savings plan for this so that will have the full amount just before we leave. This will be fine as the last thing we will need is spending money. Can change this the week we go.

    5. No savings in the emergency fund as yet.

  • 1. Pay off all debt
    2. Cancel 3 credit cards
    3. Cancel the catalogue account
    4. Save £4000 for Canada 2017
    5. Save £1000 emergency fund

    1. Getting there with the debt payments, paid 941.00 towards it this month. It will go back up slightly again this month as we are off to see the Harry Potter Play & spend a couple of nights in London - so excited!!! Will pay that back additionally on top of the current payments over the next 3/4 months.

    2. I still have balances on all the CC's at the minute, once I get rid of them however they will be getting cancelled.

    3. Just have 3 more months of payments then the catalogue is gone gone gone, roll on September 2016.

    4. Getting there with this, have been dipping in & out of this. DH has spent 190.00 on various things that he needed in the last couple of months, I have it all listed in my book. It will all be paid back by the time we need to book any flights etc in January 2017.

    5. Not going well, have 0.00 in the emergency fund :rotfl:

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    Finally got a chance to read your diary since you've been reading mine!

    Well done on everything you've achieved so far!
  • Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    Thanks toots.

  • London on Friday :j

    So excited, been looking forward to this since we booked it in October & of course we haven't saved a penny for it :mad:

    I have some savings in the bank which I think I am just gonna have to bite the bullet & use them to pay for this weekend.

    I had planned to keep a hold of this for later in the year but it makes sense to use it now rather than adding this to a credit card.

    Will just start from scratch again next year.

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    Good luck. I like visiting London so much to see and do. We will all be good next month I have overspent because of the boys wedding.
    Aiming for a minimal spend 2022
  • Oh I love a wedding!

  • London was amazing!!

    Harry Potter Tour & The Cursed Child Play - best times ever.

    Spent a small fortune but hey ho, only live once.

    Did manage to use my savings to pay for the trip, very happy with that.

    Will still have around 253.00 saved by the end of the year which I am going to use on Christmas shopping. Will maybe try to get down to Cheshire Oaks at the beginning of December see if we can get any bargains!

  • hello everyone! it's very interesting
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