Octobers 'Take your Lunch to Work' Challenge!



  • Evening everyone,

    Nearly halfway through October, hope everyone is enjoying their home made lunches :)

    I varied my leerdammer cheese slice marathon by having cheese and tomato today :) I tend too eat the same lunch as my son to keep costs down but he is very fussy so it gets a bit boring.

    Need to bulk cook some soups this weekend so I can have some different lunches next week. X
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    I've done rather well, I've still been having my jacket potatoes beans and cheese but I yesterday I swapped the beans for left over chili. I know, I totally pushed out the boat there!

    Unfortunately today I have no lunch.....so do I waste an hour going home for lunch or do I have branflakes (and milk obviously) as I have a lot of cereal at work
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  • Had breakfast at work today and gonna have lunch too :( so thats one day in over a week so don't think I've done too bad :)
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  • WantToBeSE
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    Good morning everyone :)

    Who works on Sundays? If you do, i hope you have a good work day, and dont forget to take your LTWs!

    What's for lunch today? Today i am going to be having (at home) bread, hummus and salad. Yummy!
  • No work for me today but I'm making soups to take in next week. One is spinach and the other is spicy sweet potato. Hope they turn out well, not made soup in a while :) x
  • WantToBeSE
    WantToBeSE Posts: 7,729
    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    i love sweet potato soup :) I normally make loads, then after i get all 'Soup'ed out', i thicken it a bit and use it as a pasta sauce :)
  • WantToBeSE wrote: »
    i love sweet potato soup :) I normally make loads, then after i get all 'Soup'ed out', i thicken it a bit and use it as a pasta sauce :)

    Ooh that's a good idea, thank you, I was just looking at the pan thinking I've got about two weeks worth :D
  • Hi all,
    I was working today. Had some noodles for lunch from home and homemade curry and rice. Had a count up today and all 7 long days have taken own food. It's definitely coming into homemade soup season. I might make some broccoli soup in bulk on my next day off. It's one of my favourites :D

    Have a good evening,
    SP x
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    Hi all

    Hope you don't mind if I join in for a bit?

    I'm not in debt, but I waste SO much money going into town during lunch and I want it to stop. I won't give an exact figure because it's embarrassing. But last month, I had the equivalent of a decent sun-holiday. That's just bloody mental :undecided

    I have 10 working days left in the month and if I have my new usual winter breakfast/lunch of tub of porridge (instant, if course :undecided )and banana and then some sort of meal deal then I'll be spending over £37. If, however, I switch to using the stuff I've got in the house, then I'd be spending the equivalent of around £4.50. That's a ridiculous difference :eek:

    That's a tub of homemade porridge made with skimmed milk and golden syrup (cos that's the kind I last bought) and a banana for breakfast and soup for lunch - I got loads of tins in poundstretcher reduced to 20p cos it was approaching it's date. And it's all stuff I've got in the house.

    I'll also be trying not to spend anything when I go down town (I like to get a walk in at lunchtime, cos I'm quite restricted during work) - it's too easy to go into river island and see something nice!!! I've recently got to my goal weight and have been needing new clothes along the way, but it's become a habit now! :o

    So, please, count me in for the last 10 working days of October :)

    Oh, I will still be nipping into the shop to get stuff that we need for dinner (tomorrow is stirfry veg and mushrooms, to be had with the pork, garlic and hoisin sauce, and noodles that we already have in). But that's it.
  • No lunch with me at work today as have £4 in account :( am going to have lunch at home though :) so that brings me up to 8 of my 15 days :)
    Read my diaryHere :)
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