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  • Had lunch at work today :( was quite annoyed as well because I'm covering a different location I went to Cota-Lottie and for a toasted sandwich, cake and drink it was almost £9 I think that is ridiculous!! And that was with 10% off because I work in Mr T's where the Costa-Lottie is!!
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    Added to here :) Welcome chcocolatelover93

    Well it's Monday morning! Have you all packed your LTWs? I am off into Plymouth shopping today, with my bestie, so lunch is going to be eaten out today. If you look back at my previous posts, you'll see that i planned this. So i am still on track :)

    Well done stormpassing, a near miss there ;) But you did really well to stay on track!

    chocolatelover93, don't worry too much. Just use it as a learning experience and make sure that you keep going for the rest of the month :)

    Have a great Monday everyone!
  • Hi,
    I've been following the advice for some time before I joined this forum.
    It is sometimes challenging and I don't take my lunch to work every day but try as often as possible, I would say now it's 3 out of 5 days per week on average.
    For me giving extra time in preparing own food and doing shopping gave me some savings and some loses. Savings on money and lost in weight! And I didn't even expect that last one!
    It's a brill idea and want to keep doing that. I manage to put more money towards my silly debts and hopefully will also start saving. I am getting married and want to have a nice wedding :P
  • Thank you wanttobese :)

    Feel quite good today :) took my lunch into work with me, I had 2 cheese an onion rolls (got these YS when I did a shop at Mr T's last week), packet of crips, a freddo and a small bar of choccie (went to Cadbury World yesterday so stocked up on choccie :P)

    I know, not the healthiest lunch!! However it has saved me £3+ (which I would normally spend on a meal deal so put the £3 in savings account as PAD) :D
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    Lunch today was soup and a homemade roll, this takes me to 3 so far for the month :j:j
    Must use my stash up!
  • Evening all,

    Long day at work today. Lunch was a bowl of tinned soup from home and tea was homemade mash, beef casserole and dumpling with veg :D Much nicer than a ready meal and much cheaper too!! All good so far :)

    SP x
  • Good morning all.
    Lurked about in this thread last month and found it so much help, so would like to join this month. Im working 22 days in October (i think) so aiming for 17 out of the 22. so far ive managed 2 days and today will be day 3..
    JM x
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  • Hello everyone :)
    Had lunch at home today :D pate on toast and a yoghurt :)
    And taken a snack into work to eat on my break instead of buying one :D
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  • Hello again everyone :)
    Got my lunch at work with me again today was a rush to do it this morning but was determined not to buy something at work :D
    Going to update sig now :D
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    I'm going to join in if that's okay, I previously spent around a tenner a day on the credit card for lunch...so bad of me! But that has been one of the reasons my debt has stayed static and not gone down despite the mammoth payments.

    I've so far managed two weeks taking home made lunches. At the moment I am combining half a tin of baked beans with some frozen grated cheese and a frozen baked potato (I don't buy fresh as I don't use them all and they go off). All from lidl. think its max £1 for lunch doing this. I need to try to find alternatives to this as I will get bored one day!
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